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Operations Manager at Mariposa Gardening & Design Cooperative - 9562

Job Title: 
Operations Manager
Mariposa Gardening & Design Cooperative
1625 16th Street Mariposa Gardening & Design Cooperative
94610 Oakland , CA ,
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Job Description: 

The Operations Manager at Mariposa is responsible for the oversight of general business operations and managing our growth in a time of significant and exciting changes. This position is primarily responsible for helping ensure our team is following and keeping up-to-date on our Bylaws, Employee Handbook, and Standards of Practice. They will do this by working with team members and heads of other departments to create and follow procedures. Additionally, this position will be responsible for streamlining our sales/design/build/maintain process and improving the overall efficiency of backend operations.

As a manager, this position will work collaboratively with heads of departments while also holding them accountable to their role descriptions and duties within the organization.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

1. Oversee all operations and administrative aspect of the company.
-Manage and organize all aspects of the administrative side of the business
-Marketing Support
-Research new networking and educational opportunities for employees and owners
-Keep track of events and how to plug employees and owners into them
-Appropriately represent the company in all interactions

2. Responsible for Human Resources and communication systems. Continue to build a skilled, knowledgeable and committed team.
-Manage Resources and communication systems by:
-Keep job descriptions updated
-Create and post job listings
-Schedule and oversee interviews
-Oversee evaluation system and develop consensus on criteria for management
-Work with Financial Manager to coordinate the pay system for all positions
-Keep records of all Cooperative information
-Candidacy, worker ownership,
-Work with bookkeeper to keep track of dividends and payouts
-Oversee hiring, firing and training of staff
-Conduct onboarding with paperwork, tax forms, basic cooperative training, etc.
-Conduct exit interviews for all departing employees
-Produce instructional videos on Mariposa field procedures
-Primary contact for any workers compensation claim
-Keep all employee records organized and up-to-date
-Stay up-to-date on State employee laws and city employees laws
-Make necessary changes to handbook to comply with laws
-Inform team of changes

3.Set the foundation for tying the long term strategic plan with current operational execution
-Manage the co-creation of a cohesive vision and mission for the cooperative entity.
-Oversee and lead development of internal governance material such as Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, -Mariposa Procedures and Policies, and By­laws

4. Oversee the financial management of the business and achieve greater financial sustainability over the next year(s).
-Co-Manage and develop administrative budgets with the Bookkeeper and Financial Advisors
-Sit down quarterly with head of each department to check in on goals/targets
-Empower and equip Department heads to reach their goals
-Keep overall financial goals in sight
-Hold Bookkeeper and Office staff Accountable by checking on:
-Accounts payable and Accounts receivable
-Marketing and Sales
-Business Development
-Human Resources
-Work with Heads of Departments to ensure they are meeting their role description expectation and are equipped with necessary tools.
-Coordinate administrative side of the business
-Seek out funding opportunities for the business
-Set company financial goals, e.g: New truck, nursery, boost maintenance dept, software, stone tools,etc, increased/competitive salaries for mgrs.
-Be aware of industry standards and how to keep Mariposa competitive for worker owner benefits as well as for keeping

Education & Experience: 

Experience managing budgets over 800K- 1M
Ability to manage + people (HR experience, etc)
Education in Business Management + Administration + Systems Thinking
A combination of education and experience in Business Administration and managerial roles
Ability to communicate effectively with future worker owners and employees
Experience with working in a multicultural and diverse environment
Ability to get along well with others
Ability to manage time and keep teams on task

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Administrative & Finance