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Organic Agricultural Specialist at YOSH hospitality - 12879

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Organic Agricultural Specialist
YOSH hospitality
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi
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Job Description: 

A very exciting Job Opportunity in ABU DHABI for someone who is passionate about Organic growing of Fruits & Veg.
The purpose of this role is to design, plan and maintain land and greenhouses’ for growing of organic produce without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers for a large number of VVIP private properties in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Principal Responsibilities of this role will be as follows:

Implement agricultural programs to improvise quality standards in agricultural products, both fruit and vegetables.
Increase plot production through organic agricultural methods.
Counsel and educate farmers and agriculturalists on latest farming issues and techniques.
Develop and implement fertilization programs according to crop requirements and with the sole use of organic fertilizers.
Develop and manage irrigation system according to crop water requirement Perform pest management practice with the exclusive use of organic and biological products
Conduct research on latest trends in agricultural engineering and farming aspects.
Interact and coordinate with farming professionals, agronomists, agricultural technicians and farmers.
Ensure compliance of all state and federal agricultural laws and guidelines.
Support production planning and scheduling for all areas of farm and greenhouse
Assess farm and greenhouse growing conditions regularly
Develop and discuss with Property Management alternative and innovative strategies for farm planting and maintenance which applies to intensive small-acreage farming
Ensure quality standards and health safety of all farm and greenhouse cultivation and harvesting practices, storage of chemicals, maintenance of farm
Accepting responsibility and personal ownership for actions, results and risks.
Keep accurate records of all matters relating to the operation of the greenhouse and farm including but not limited to, seeding and harvesting schedule, planting history, pest and disease history of each farm and greenhouse area, and harvesting history of all sites.
Ensure that each property lands are effectively utilized and maintained throughout the year

Education & Experience: 

Education/ Qualification

Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Science/ Engineering/ Management
Work Experience

UAE experience desired but not essential
Min 15+yrs experience working in Agriculture related area
Background in organic farming is a MUST

Organic crop growing
Thorough knowledge of complex agricultural systems that include machinery, equipment, workers, plants, animals, and environmental settings
Knowledge and understanding of soil fertilization, agricultural equipment
Irrigation Management
Pest Management/Control

Ability to work off own initiative
Ability to identify plants’ diseases, pests, nutrients’ deficiency and other health problems
Ability to recognize and solve problems
Good oral and written communication skills

Application Instructions: 

Please send email to

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