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Organic Dairy Farm Manager at Stonewall Farm - 10335

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Organic Dairy Farm Manager
Stonewall Farm
242 Chesterfield Road stonewall farm
03431 Keene , NH
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Job Description: 

Stonewall Farm is a non-profit agricultural education center and HUB with the Savory institute. The Farm Manager is responsible for managing the day to day operations of our organic dairy farm. This is a hands on position requiring the farm manager to perform milking shifts, barn chores, fencing, animal herd health, maintaining equipment, supervising dairy farm staff and the various other responsibilities that come with operating a small scale dairy. Manager must ensure the operation is fully compliant with organic standards, FARM requirements and follow principles of holistic planned grazing. The dairy is also seeking the Certified Humane certification and will be required to follow those standards as well. Average hours work are between 50 and 60 hours a week but schedule varies throughout the season.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

ESSENTIAL FUNTIONS: (Note: the following list of essential functions is not exhaustive, and may be supplemented as necessary.)
1. Livestock: Manage Stonewall Farm’s dairy herd adhering to organic regulations and for optimal animal health. Manage herd health, nutrition and breeding program. Must be knowledgeable in FARM requirements as well low stress livestock handling.
2. Milk Production: Ensure milk production goals for the herd is met and consistently achieved. Milk a majority of the milking shifts each week.
3. Chores: Complete daily chores chores including care, grooming and feeding of animals. Provide supervision, training and support for volunteers and staff to deliver exceptional care for livestock and farm animals.
4. Feed: Produce organic winter feed for dairy as well as non-organic for horses and other livestock. Manage feed expenses by procuring feed in most economical manner.
5. Grazing Systems: Working with the director to implement our grazing plan using holistic planned management and grazing principles. Participate in research and documentation projects relative to grazing. Experience with high tensile electric fencing a must.
6. Equipment: Develop and implement a barn and equipment maintenance schedule adhering to manufacturer recommendations for routine maintenance and repair. Ensure all equipment is properly stored and safety plans are in place to ensure safety of all employees and visitors to the farm.
7. Facilities Maintenance: Develop and follow a routine maintenance schedule to ensure barns are properly maintained, adhere to all relevant safety and building codes. This includes the dairy, horse barn, equipment sheds, sugar house, and small animal sheds. Plowing property during winter season. Coordinate with outside contractors as needed to complete work according to Stonewall Farm policies.
8. Education: Teach education programs for school groups, farmer education workshops and the general public.
9. Business Plan Development: Collaborate with the ED to develop a business plan and budget that identifies annual goals and strategies, sources of revenue, expenses and monitors financials on a regular basis ensure production is on track to meet goals.
10. Maple Sugar Production: Oversee the farm’s maple sugar production operations, make recommendations to improve efficiency and profitability of operations. Ensure the maple production operation from setting up lines, collecting, boiling and bottling sap is run efficiently.
11. Perform other duties as assigned.

Education & Experience: 

The ideal candidate will have 5 years’ experience managing an organic dairy along with extensive grazing experience. A degree in a related agriculture program is preferred. Ability to operate tractor equipment, milking system and run and repair barn cleaner and other mechanical skills required. Additional plus will be experience running maple syrup production and extensive teamster experience. The candidate must be willing to do the hard day to day work of milking, cleaning stalls as well as management and other farm responsibilities. Must be able to be a team player!

Application Instructions: 

Please send a resume and cover letter with salary requirements via email to No phone calls please.

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