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Organic Livestock Farm Apprenticeship at Wild Harmony Farm - 11751

Job Title: 
Organic Livestock Farm Apprenticeship
Wild Harmony Farm
366 C Victory Highway
02822 Exeter , RI ,
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Job Description: 

Our apprentices will be helping with all aspects of animal husbandry, farm upkeep & rotational grazing; as well as dabbling in marketing, retail, and wholesale sales and deliveries. As on any farm, significant time will be spent problem-solving, repairing, constructing, getting dirty, and cleaning. The apprentices will help with social media account contributions as well as educational tours and programs on the farm (while practicing COVID safety protocols). This apprenticeship offers many learning opportunities and a chance to collaborate with experienced farmers. We work hard to make this a good place to live and work.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Morning and afternoon farm chores
Portable fence setup and breakdown
Assisting in construction projects
Monitoring condition of breeding stock
Castration and ear notching
Egg washing and packing
Repairs and maintenance of farm equipment, tools, structures
Cleaning and organizing common workspaces
Loading and moving animals
Running errands
Driving for sales deliveries
General property landscape upkeep
Weed-whacking, chipping, chainsawing work
Tractor operations
Grazing plan implementation
Forage observation
Compost turning and management
Weekend farm chores coverage (in rotation)
Positive neighbor and contractor relating and communicating
Assisting in occasional administrative work
Collaborative record keeping
Possible on-site farm animal processing
Feeding and training of livestock guardian dogs
Catching and loading chickens
Checking and repairing fence lines

Education & Experience: 

No experience necessary, though preference given to people with previous farm experience, trade skills, chainsaw skills, and ability to drive manual transmission.

Application Instructions: 

Find full listing and application at
Email application, cover letter, and resume to
Applications due February 21, 2021.
Start as soon as possible.

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