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Pasture Animal Intern at Spoon Full Farm at Spoon Full Farm - 4974

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Pasture Animal Intern at Spoon Full Farm
Spoon Full Farm
1250 Dudley Road
Thorp, WA 98946
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Job Description: 

Join a young, dynamic, versatile farm business. Grow some of the world’s most delicious, healthiest food. Learn how to raise animals in a way that builds the life and carbon of our soil, to help heal the earth and regenerate our resources.
We farmers at Spoon Full Farm invite you to apply to work with us for the 2019 season, on our gorgeous, productive, and biodiverse farm here on the banks of the Yakima River in central Washington state.
We raise grass-finished cattle, collect pasture-raised eggs, grow diverse no-till produce, harvest raw wildflower honey, and ferment probiotic hot sauce in a commercial kitchen.
The ideal candidate for a Spoon Full Farm internship position aspires to become a farm manager in the future.
If you are:
-purpose-driven (larger ecological or social purpose),
-able to handle constructive feedback,
-adaptable, and
-wanting to learn,
then we would love to read your application.

As an intern, you will immerse yourself in the physically and mentally demanding farm lifestyle. Interns must be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly. Farming experience in a production setting is preferred but not strictly required. Preference will be given to applicants who are able to visit the farm for a working interview.
The pasture animal internship runs from April 8th through October 28th, 2019 (Approximately 33 weeks). Our ideal candidate will be available for the whole season’s duration.
Interns work 5-day weeks, 10 hours per day. Days off may or may not be Saturday and Sunday, depending on the market season.
Compensation includes room and board, a weekly food stipend, and $500/month to start, with opportunities for wage growth as the season progresses.
Interns are provided a shared bunk room with a kitchenette and a shared bathroom. You also have the option of setting up a tent / camp if preferred. The nearby Farmhouse is a shared common space with a full kitchen, living room and dining area. Communal meals are frequently shared in the evenings. We eat very well here on the farm. Farm fresh produce and local humane meat are staples.
Interns will have the opportunity to lead, with several work hours per week, a project that will contribute to the long-term success and diversity of Spoon Full Farm.
Interns must not have pets and must not abuse alcohol or recreational drugs.
Days off can be spent floating on or lounging by the Yakima river, exploring the glorious outdoor recreation opportunities here in Central Washington, venturing into Seattle, or simply enjoying the natural beauty here at Spoon Full Farm.
A month-long probationary period will give interns and Spoon Full Farm discretion to end the internship if it is not a good fit.
Spoon Full Farm does not discriminate based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, gender expression or sexual orientation.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

As a pasture animal intern, you will report to and work alongside the Land and Livestock Manager, to assist with the success of Spoon Full Farm’s management-intensive grazing program.
Depending on the season, daily tasks will include:
-Putting up, taking down, and moving electric fencing,
-Providing the animals with optimal water, feed, and minerals,
-Moving cattle and chickens,
-Observing and reporting pasture and animal health conditions,
-Collecting and washing eggs,
-Moving irrigation pipes,
-Handling cattle in our handling facility, assisting with animal health and reproduction procedures,
-Assisting with hayfield and pasture management, and
-Working at farmers market booths (occasional, depending on level of interest and ability).
In short, you will work on nearly every aspect of pasture meat and egg production. You will also occasionally be called upon to help out in our no-till produce garden. Additionally, if you opt to take on a personal farm project, you will gain experience about establishing or improving an enterprise that interests you.

Education & Experience: 

Everyone who comes to Spoon Full Farm learns a lot. That’s partly because we are a young farm and are therefore still nailing down our processes, and partly because of the wide range of operations and enterprises we are growing. Also, everyone here at Spoon Full has diverse interests, knowledge, and skills. The ideas of permaculture, biodynamics, agro-ecology, and managed grazing are the theoretical bases of our operation, so you will learn a lot about those, even without a formal education curriculum.
You will work primarily in the pastures, but will have the opportunity to experience the nuances and details of planning and running a large, biodiverse farm.
You join a fun and hardworking group of passionate people sharing a common goal in a beautiful setting. We want you to come away with much of the knowledge and confidence that you will need become a career farmer!

Application Instructions: 

Please send the following to end of March 24 or until filled:
1. A brief letter describing why you are interested in working at Spoon Full Farm.
2. A short letter detailing where you see yourself in 3 years, 7 years, and 10 years.
3. Your resume describing recent professional work experience and education.
4. Three references, a minimum of two being work references.
Shortly after receiving your application, we will reach out to schedule an interview.

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