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Permaculture Farm Santa Cruz Internship at Wild Culture Farm - 9414

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Permaculture Farm Santa Cruz Internship
Wild Culture Farm
95073 SOQUEL , CA ,
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Job Description: 

We are a diverse, small educational permaculture farm on 6 beautiful acres. We grow food for those living here (between 5-10 humans + the animals), local schools, neighbors, and for special events that coincide with our values.

Interns are involved in all aspects of the farm, but, depending on current openings, may have the option to specialize in any of the following areas where they will, with guidance, have more of an area of focus each day (3-month commitment required for specialty internships).
Livestock Intern
Food Forest Intern
Market Garden Intern
Wild Farm Intern
Homestead/Farm to Table Chef Intern
Garden Education & Events Intern

Interns work in all areas, approximately 4 morning hours a day for 5 days a week, Monday-Friday, 8am-Noon with weekends mostly off. Only the Livestock Intern has a slightly different schedule, but the same amount of hours, to accommodate for animal needs both early & late in the day. Interns may share quick & simple animal chores on one weekend day on an as needed basis.

A private room + board, internet, shared kitchen space, shower, & laundry are included. A big highlight of our farm is our proximity to town, or forests, or beaches. All options are under 10 minutes by bicycle.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Each day contains both recurring tasks and unique to the season tasks.

Work here includes propagation, transplanting, weeding, and harvesting. This is a professional environment around an educational working farm; paths, hedges, & borders need to be maintained and kept clean. Grounds, gardens, orchards, tools, buildings, gates, and so on must be kept orderly and in good repair.

Animal husbandry is a major aspect of the internship, & not just a speciality, our animals need to be loved, cared for, moved, bred, fed, and treated with respect in accordance to the rules of permaculture. We are passionate about improving our food system through restorative agriculture and work hard to enhance soil health with no till methods, vermiculture & composting systems, and support inputs that help host a diverse soil microbiology, good aeration, & water retention; all of which also enhance nutrient density. We believe farming regeneratively with responsible processing and consumption of meat are vital to the health of the planet. So, we also work to better our food system by teaching butchery fundamentals and meat cookery with a focus on open-fire grilling. We aspire to educate home butchers and cooks on responsible sourcing, processing, and consumption of meat. [Member:]

Alongside our farm responsibilities, we host educational programs and community events. Depending on your interest, you may be involved in supporting and/or attending these.

Education & Experience: 

You must be willing to work hard, know what it means to hustle, and be able to follow directions while also making good decisions, with open & timely communication(key!). You must enjoy the outdoors and care passionately about providing good clean food in the most ecologically sensitive way.

Application Instructions: 

Applicants must be physically able and healthy, willing to give each day their best rain or shine. We choose the most qualified applications on a rolling basis and, as a highly diversified farm, operate year-round. Interns commit to a minimum 1-month stay or more. We provide a $100 monthly stipend for incidentals.

Apply by sending 1 page of detail about your background, reason for interest, timeline of availability, special interests, and dietary preferences to: Sharing more is welcomed but not necessary. We respond by email within 2 weeks to inform you of a next step [usually a phone call] or that we do not see a fit [housing being a hard limitation].

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