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Plant Health Team Lead at Strong Agronomy - 9787

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Plant Health Team Lead
Strong Agronomy
1314 Green Valley Rd
95076 Watsonville , CA ,
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We’re currently reviewing candidates to manage our “Plant Health Team” which oversees nutrition & irrigation management (INM) as well as various facets of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


Nutrient and Irrigation Management Team Lead - Roles & Responsibilities
You will manage and ensure the team accomplishes the following in a detailed and organized manner:

The team will be required to manage both cannabis and blueberries in reference to nutrition and irrigation. Roles and Responsibilities of the Nutrition and Irrigation team are not limited to the subsequent lists.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Roles and Responsibilities, Fertility:

• Manage fertilizer stock tanks according to the SOP – Clean and fill tanks, clean fertilizer tank filters and feed lines. Update SOP as needed.
• Manage fertilizer inventory, order products from vendors and pickup inventory when sourced locally.
• Lab test fertilizer stock tanks routinely to ensure concentrations are consistent and accurate. Use this data to inform recipes and accurately dial in ppm delivery.
• Vet incoming fertilizer products. Lab test for heavy metals and validate label information. Keep inputs separate and out of use until vetting is complete.
• Lab test irrigation and leachate to verify ppm delivery, measure leachate volume, pH and EC. This should be done in both Cannabis and Blueberry crops. Aurora team may be asked to facilitate these tasks in Aurora.
• Clean leachate stations every time irrigation is run to ensure accurate EC and pH readings.
• Conduct water, soil and leaf tissue sampling. Manage data associated with testing.
• Manage photographic record associated with testing.
• Bring attention to issues relating to plant health. Will have authority to mobilize small crews to implement cultural management where relevant.
• Mix foliar feeding recipes for cannabis and blueberry crops. At times, the team will be required to execute foliar applications.
• Execute biological applications, as well as cleaning and maintaining relevant equipment, including field spray rig.
• Coagulate plant health data (Pest identification, observations, lab tests, leachate EC and pH) and construct fertility programs around this data.
• Monitor Senmatic AMI Penta fertigation machine for flow, EC and pH.
• Maintain Penta, including calibrating pH and EC probes, repairing pumps and injectors. Work with vendors towards better usage of the Penta’s capabilities.
• Conduct consistent fertility meetings to discuss plant health, the data, adjustment strategies, etc.
• Weekly/biweekly must keep the entire farm team up to date on goings-on via email.
• Maintain communication with laboratories, vendors and consultants to troubleshoot problems and to continuously improve upon farm systems.
• Report relevant fertilizer and water usage data to regulatory authorities.
• Maintain a log of fertigation and irrigation.
• Maintain a log of fertilizer usage.

Roles and Responsibilities, Irrigation:

• Walk cannabis irrigation lines every day that irrigation cycles run. Repair or replace irrigation fittings, fix leaks, monitor irrigation for consistent delivery of water/fertigation.
• Walk blueberry irrigation lines weekly.
• Plan and execute consistent housekeeping of all irrigation lines – weekly acid line flushes with PAA, etc.
• Maintain and clean Penta, Sulfur Burner, DO machine, Recirculation system.
• Clean all irrigation filters at least once a week.
• Maintain an irrigation parts inventory, including PVC fittings, t-tape fittings and poly fittings.
• Repair pvc breaks in greenhouses, execute plumbing projects as needed.
• Manage the production of sulfurous acid water, keeping sulfur pellets stocked.
• Manage the production of RO water for greenhouse, field and sometimes Blueberry foliar applications.
• Participate in field irrigation, repair of irrigation lines, etc.
• Manage recirculation system functionality, cleaning and correct dosing at the Penta.
• Troubleshoot irrigation problems – pressure test lines, sample irrigation to assess consistent delivery, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities, Pest and Disease Pressure:

• Consistent scouting of both Cannabis and Blueberry crops, wherever these crops may be growing – Nursery, Aurora, Field and Blueberry hoops
• Maintain a record of scouting activities and pest or disease pressure as well as nutrient deficiencies or surplus.
• Feed information back to relevant parties and participate in the development of strategies for the control of pests and disease.
• Will have authority to mobilize small crews to implement cultural management of pest and disease concerns where relevant.
• Keep a record of pesticide applications.

Education & Experience: 

This person should hold at least a BA in a Scientific discipline from a major university or be extremely open minded towards innovative regenerative agricultural practices with a strong work history in organic crop production. This person should show a pattern of leading teams in an increasingly responsible fashion and have a proven track record in analytical trouble shooting. Must be able to handle basic farm physical work tasks such as lift 50 lbs, stand for extended periods of time, etc.


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