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Production Coordinator at Ralph's Greenhouse - 12007

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Production Coordinator
Ralph's Greenhouse
16942 Calhoun Rd.
98273 Mount Vernon , WA
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Job Description: 

Large organic vegetable farm is looking to add two seasoned farmers to our production team. Our mixed-vegetable farm has been in operation for 30 years, and provides high quality produce to retailers and wholesalers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Team members are responsible for learning and maintaining a big-picture view of the farm’s production methods, including seed ordering, soil amendment, cultivation strategies, pest management, tracking succession plantings, variety trials, irrigation, product evaluation, storage strategies, harvest efficiency, and inclement weather response.
Our default schedule is 6 days per week Monday thru Saturday. Our busy season runs July-November during which you can expect to work 50-70+ hours per week. January-April can be slow months during which you may only work 30 hours per week.

DOE. $15-$18
WA State sick leave accrual can be used as PTO or cashed out
WA State Family and Medical Leave
Performance-based bonuses.
Attendance at conferences or trainings can be negotiated.
Unpaid holidays: Christmas, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Production Duties:
• Operate tractors, harvesters, cultivation equipment, pack shed equipment, sprayers, forklifts, etc. as needed.
• Maintain a working understanding of the farm’s methodologies in the production areas outlined above. Work with the farm owner, farm manager, and the rest of the production team to make decisions that are in the best interest of the farm.
• Keep written records as required by the farm for organic, safety, and hygiene certifications.
• Coordinate and or/lead projects such as covering crops with row cover for frost protection, variety trail planting, irrigation reel setup, dahlia tuber harvest, etc.
• Make recommendations for and help to implement mechanization where appropriate. Work with the operators and mechanics to ensure that machinery or implements are set up and adjusted correctly, and maintained properly. Ensure that all operators are familiar with the implements and are adequately trained in how to adjust and operate them safely and correctly.
• Assist supervisors as needed with obtaining supplies or implementing new ideas
• Work with field teams and supervisors on speed, quality, and efficiency
• Assist with daily operations on the farm as needed. Ours is a large and complex operation with a lot of moving parts- no day will ever be the same, and you never know what might need to be done in the course of a day.

Other Duties:
• Suggest improvements for farm efficiency or profitability in any area as you see them.
• Production team members are trained in various office/sales/loading dock tasks in order to act as a backup for the farm manager.
• All employees are expected to participate in hand-harvest with the field crew during peak times or when we need all hands on deck to meet a deadline. If you do not have any production or office specific tasks to complete, you will be expected to be helping the crew in the field.
• Assist with order aggregation and delivery as needed.
• Assist with farm tours or school groups as needed.

Education & Experience: 

• At least 3 full seasons on an organic vegetable farm, preferably some management experience
• Tractor experience is required. Cultivation experience preferred.
• You must be an honest, reliable, trustworthy, responsible human being
• Flexibility, open-mindedness, and eagerness to learn are essential
• Forklift certification or experience is a plus
• You must be able to work respectfully and professionally with our diverse crew, and be mindful of cultural, language, and ideological differences.
• Some level of proficiency in Spanish is HIGHLY recommended. If your Spanish is minimal or nonexistent, please be willing to spend significant time getting proficient.
• Demonstrated ability to multi-task, creative problem-solving skills, and flexibility in the face of ever-changing priorities
• For as long as it is required, you will be expected to wear a mask and take other Covid-19 precautions. Agriculture is considered an essential service.
• Valid Driver’s license.
• Ability to lift 50lbs.

Application Instructions: 

Please email with a cover letter, resume, and 3 references.

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