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Program Director at Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders - 10683

Job Title: 
Program Director
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders
133 East De La Guerra #306
93101 Santa Barbara , CA
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Job Description: 

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders (SAFSF) seeks a full-time Program Director to play a critical role in developing the timely and relevant content that brings value to our network of philanthropic and investment funders who support sustainable agriculture and food systems work. Program content is delivered through online and in-person events, webinars, learning cohorts, and other venues as appropriate. The Program Director will work in close collaboration with other members of the Program Team and with funder planning committees to develop, execute, and promote SAFSF’s programs.

Strong candidates for this position will excel at working collectively with a team, quickly organizing and synthesizing information from many sources, setting vision and strategy, and executing tasks to reach goals and objectives. This position includes both leadership and support responsibilities. There will be considerable opportunities for professional growth and education with regard to philanthropy, agriculture, and food systems issues. The Program Director must demonstrate dedication to the values promoted by SAFSF: collaboration, equity, respect, stewardship, and integrity. Reliability, flexibility, a commitment to lifelong learning, and a sense of humor are strongly valued.

All SAFSF employees work remotely; candidates may live anywhere within the United States.

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Application Instructions: 

All interested applicants must apply online at no later than 11:59 pm on Monday, October 26, 2020.

We are committed to transparency and aim to minimize the stress and uncertainty of our application and hiring process. SAFSF seeks to minimize bias and the impact of structural discrimination within our hiring practices. As such, we focus first on relevant work skills and experience, both lived and professional. We are seeking a diverse pool of candidates and are utilizing processes that help to mitigate unconscious biases.

Applicants must respond to the following four questions in lieu of a traditional cover letter and upload a resume or CV to complete the application.

1. What compels you to want to be part of the SAFSF team and work at the intersection of philanthropy and food and agriculture? (250 word count max)

2. What are the qualities, contributions and experiences that you will bring to this position? Please provide examples. (300 word count max)

3. The events of 2020 have, to a large degree, highlighted the systemic racism and inequity in the U.S. food and agriculture system. What thoughts do you have as to how SAFSF – as both an organization and a national network – can and must show up now and moving forward? How do your experiences prepare you for this? (300 word count max)

4. What is one thing about yourself that you are proud of? This can be either in the personal or professional realm. (250 word count max)

The application form will ask candidates to voluntarily disclose demographic information, which will not be visible to the members of the hiring committee. Voluntarily providing demographic information helps SAFSF assess the diversity of our applicant pool throughout the hiring processes.

Applicants who move forward through the hiring process will participate in a combination of a phone and video interview(s) and assessment(s).

Please contact with any questions. We look forward to getting to know you!