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Program Manager at Women, Food & Agriculture Network - 13977

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Program Manager
Women, Food & Agriculture Network
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Job Description: 

This position is based in the United States and is remote. Find the job posting and more about the Women, Food & Agriculture Network at

The Program Manager will report directly to the Executive Director and is responsible for WFAN program direction and coordination, primarily WFAN’s Harvesting Our Potential and Women Caring for the Land programs; program development through grants identification and application; program partnership cultivation; and responding to requests for information and resources from network members. Time allocations are estimates, and will fluctuate with programmatic needs.

This position requires 40 hours per week, with benefits and requirements as set out in the WFAN Employee Handbook. Salary is subject to merit and cost of living increases dependent upon evaluations and future program funding. If you feel that you are a good fit but don’t meet all the above-mentioned requirements, we encourage you to apply by including a statement of how you would contribute to WFAN’s culture and your alignment with our mission, vision and values.

Salary and Benefits:
The Program Manager is a full-time (40 hours per week) position, paying $48,425 - $59,600 DOE. WFAN employees receive health insurance coverage, PTO, retirement fund contribution and paid holidays.

WFAN’s Gender Inclusivity Statement
Recognizing that building an ecological and just food system requires leadership and representation from diverse communities, WFAN aspires to create an environment that welcomes women and gender non-conforming people who are passionate about creating a better food system. WFAN is committed to using gender-inclusive and non-sexist language that affirms and respects how people describe, express, and experience their gender. As an organization whose work is rooted in dismantling patriarchal structures that exclude women in the food system, we deeply understand the importance of spaces that are inclusive to the experiences of individuals whose identities may not fit the gender binary, and/or who many not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth. Identities including trans, intersex, and genderqueer reflect personal descriptions, expressions, and experiences. We encourage network members to share their pronouns and names, and these gender identities and expressions will be honored by WFAN staff and in our network spaces.

WFAN is an equal opportunity employer. Women, non-binary individuals, people of color, and those directly impacted by the issues that WFAN is working to address are strongly encouraged to apply.

For questions, please contact Thank you for your interest!

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Specific responsibilities include assisting with the following:

Harvesting Our Potential (mentorship programming for aspiring and beginning farmers): (35%)
● Process mentor/mentee and farm-sitting applications, conduct interviews with applicants, convene a mentor advisory committee, assist mentors in their mentee and farm-sitter selection process and oversee completion of mentorships, including conducting evaluations
● Coordinate and co-facilitate mentor trainings, learning circles and other network events
● Communicate with partners to provide resources and also with participants to identify additional learning opportunities for program participants
● Oversee promotion and highlights of the program through profiles, website and print media updates, social media posts, talking with reporters, and other activities as appropriate
● Incorporate anti-oppression communications and resources into programmatic offerings

Women Caring for the Land (landowner outreach programming): (35%)
● Coordinate women landowner outreach program events including Learning Circles. Stewardship Ambassador programming, and other outreach using the WCL service marked model
● Work with women landowners to identify additional education support needs
● Communicate with partners to provide resources and additional learning opportunities for program participants
● Oversee promotion and highlights of the program through profiles, website and print materials updates, social media posts, talking with reporters, and other activities as appropriate
● Incorporate anti-oppression communications and resources into programmatic offerings including new program offerings related to land access and alternative land ownership models Grant Writing and Management: (15%)
● Coordinate with Executive Director to craft organization-wide grant proposals
● Assist Executive Director in identify and tracking grant funding opportunities
● Assist Executive Director in grant reporting, track and implement required funder acknowledgement through WFAN platforms for related programs

Administrative: (10%)
● Meet regularly with Executive Director and attend staff meetings
● Submit receipts and reimbursement requests in a timely manner

Other: (5%)
● Support organizational growth through working with other WFAN staff in cross programmatic work, with the board in organizational visioning, and with members in network building
● Attend WFAN conference
● Tabling engagements, as needed
● Assist with fundraisers, as needed
● Other duties as assigned by Executive Director

Education & Experience: 

Required Qualifications:
● A passion for and ability to communicate the mission, vision, and values of WFAN to a variety of audiences
● Commitment to anti-oppression work including anti-racist, pro-rural, gender inclusive, and LGBTIA+ supportive work
● Demonstrated experience in farmland conservation and landowner outreach
● Familiarity with beginning farmer support
● Understanding of sustainable and regenerative food systems
● Strong writing skills and familiarity with using Microsoft Office, Google Drive and Zoom
● Works well in team settings and can cultivate partner relationships
● Familiarity with utilizing social media platforms
● Working understanding of program budgeting and management
● Proven ability to develop and present programs and/or workshops
● Strong administrative, organizational and multi-project management skills
● Is a flexible independent and team member who works collaboratively, shares responsibilities and supports and acknowledges colleagues’ contributions and can also work independently
● A background in ecology, biology or related natural resources field, agriculture communication or coordination; or demonstrated equivalent experience
● B.A. or B.S. or the equivalent of 5-7 years professional experience in sustainable agriculture, food systems and/or farmland conservation

Preferred qualifications:
● Multilingual capabilities valued, but not required
● Interest and passion for advancing cooperative and and/or other alternative models for land ownership, stewardship and succession planning
● Knowledgeable about Farm Bill and other applicable policies
● Knowledgeable about social justice and land equity initiatives and advocacy

Application Instructions: 

Application process:

Please send: a resume or CV and a cover letter to by December 3, 2021. Please submit materials as one document, preferably a PDF. For questions, contact