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Project Director at National Cooperative Business Association - 14488

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Project Director
National Cooperative Business Association
1775 Eye Street, NW, 8th Floor NCBA CLUSA
20006 Washington , DC ,
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Job Description: 

This position serves as Project Director for a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-funded program in the Cooperatives and Producer Organizations Practice Area. This program is funded under USDA’s Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers Program. The project will support socially disadvantaged farmers, ranchers and other historically underserved producers and communities. Specifically, NCBA CLUSA will provide an array of technical assistance and specialized services, including, outreach, cooperative development training and support, financial training, capacity building training, and assistance concerning agriculture production, agriculture credit, rural development to underserved farmers, ranchers, or forest landowners. NCBA CLUSA, through sub-agreements with other entities, will design and deliver comprehensive programs to reach the target communities. The Project Director will facilitate the creation of a community-led cooperative development ecosystem by providing management and backstopping activities required for successfully implementing the project. The Project Director facilitates the access to resources and serves as a liaison with USDA authorities and other key program officials in the Farm Service Agency, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Rural Development, and other USDA program areas.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Provides management and backstopping activities required for the successful implementation of the project to support socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers and other economically distressed and historically underserved producers and their communities by creating a community-led cooperative development ecosystem.

Coordinates with USDA program managers and Farm Service Agency loan officers to facilitate the use of USDA’s programs with economically distressed/historically underserved communities, including socially disadvantaged producers, limited resource farmers and ranchers, veterans, and other key targeted communities, and with key program officials in Natural Resource Conservation Service, Rural Development, and other USDA program areas.
Designs technical assistance plans/scopes of work and initiates the procurement of consultants and service providers.
Monitors and evaluates service provider’s performance in line with stated objectives, providing ongoing feedback and submitting written reports/evaluations.
Creates culturally appropriate resources to develop and run cooperatively owned businesses and develops a cadre of cooperative developers with economic and cultural ties and experience with socially disadvantaged, historically underserved communities.
Ensures meeting of objectives by performing pre- and post-program assessments, pre-surveys of participants and measuring quantitative results of program activities.
Promotes existing cooperative communities that support cooperative development efforts of socially disadvantaged farmers.
Participates in conferences, programs and events of organizations supporting socially disadvantaged farmers and communities to highlight how cooperatives can develop local and regional agricultural economies that benefit socially disadvantaged farmers and their communities.

Education & Experience: 

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Agriculture, Business Development, Marketing (or related field) is desired or a commensurate number of years of experience in agriculture, cooperative development and/or working with rural and/or marginalized communities.

Job Categories: 
Administrative & Finance