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Ranch and Farm Manager at Sonoma Mountain Ranch - 3992

Job Title: 
Ranch and Farm Manager
Sonoma Mountain Ranch
Petaluma, CA
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Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

All ranch positions include working as part of the Ranch team. Cooperation, flexibility, creative thinking and attention to health and safety are crucial to the success of the ranch. This position includes management as well as hands-on tasks. This individual will: coordinate and collaborate with, provide back-up coverage for, and oversee the cattle manager; manage all aspects of gardens and orchard; hire, train and manage a full-time gardener; manage seasonal labor; oversee maintenance schedule for ranch, equipment, tools and vehicles. This is a hands-on job. Must be able to repetitively lift 50 pounds.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Candidates must be project oriented, flexible, creative, be able to multi-task and be willing to switch priorities. Candidates must have good communication and computer skills. Candidates must exhibit great attention to detail as paperwork and budgeting is required. Common sense is essential, as is an interest in learning. Candidates should have ability to look at projects from a make or buy perspective. Being a general repairperson is desirable, meaning some carpentry, electrical and plumbing skills for outbuilding and property repair. Utility vehicle and heavy equipment operations and repair knowledge a plus. Full woodshop is available for projects. California driver’s license and English language required. Bi-lingual in Spanish is desirable.
Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to organic, sustainable and permaculture systems. Exhibit commitment to establish organic garden and orchard including annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, orchards, propagation, pest and disease control, and irrigation. Desire to make cattle operation organic. Have knowledge of cattle management and cattle health. Be familiar with all aspects of ranch maintenance and equipment.

Education & Experience: 

Practical and field experience valued highest. 8-years experience required.
B.S. in Horticulture, Agriculture, Sustainable Systems or related field desired. Continuing education valued, encouraged & paid.

Application Instructions: 

Provide resume with phone number & contact information to:
Margaret Koski-Kent, email or call mobile: 707-246-6289

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