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Ranch Hand at The High Lonesome Ranch - 12946

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Ranch Hand
The High Lonesome Ranch
275 CR 222
81630 DeBeque , CO
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The High Lonesome Ranch strives to foster healthy and productive land, water, and resources while demonstrating how private and public lands can be stewarded for ethical uses and economic vitality. We know that ranching with regenerative practices makes the land healthier. HLR’s adaptive grazing strategy aims to return the landscape to the ecological functioning of 200 years ago when it was characterized by lush wetlands, riparian vegetation and high groundwater tables. Land management, when done right, can be not only profitable, but can heal lands and people.

Last Summer the High Lonesome Ranch began a regenerative agriculture program. We are using cattle to heal the landscape, bringing back historic grasslands and wildlife habitat. At the core of this practice is mimicking the natural grazing behaviors of wild ruminants, such as elk and bison. We keep our cattle bunched up using electric polywire, and move them to fresh grass every few days, much like a wild herd would move through the landscape. This grazing style fosters healthy soils, animals, and food.

The Livestock and Ag team is looking to hire someone to join our team. This will start off as part-time with the option to become full time within a year as the program expands. We are looking for someone who has worked with cattle and is looking to pursue a career in ranching. Our team values collaboration and therefore relies on great communication and observation. In this field we are often faced with challenges, so a positive attitude, flexibility, and an ability to problem solve are crucial to success. We value continual learning and adapting; the ideal candidate must be willing to try new things. We use low stress animal handling; the ideal candidate must be willing to learn and implement these practices. The ranch hand will be very involved with grazing management; this will include close observation of the herd and the land, deciding when to move the herd, and setting up new paddocks with temporary polywire. The ranch hand will also be involved with working the cattle, including pregnancy checking, vaccinating, and doctoring when necessary. Other day to day duties may include fixing fences, feeding hay, and moving water tanks. There is opportunity to be involved with overall ranch planning if desired (projects, genetics, partnerships, record keeping, etc.).

Required Experience:
- 2+ years working with cattle
- Fence building
- Truck and trailer driving
- Must be able to lift 40-50 lbs

Preferred Experience: (training available)
- Setting up temporary electric poly wire
- Tractor and machinery operation
- Low Stress Animal Handling (Bud Williams/Temple Grandin etc.)

Application Instructions: 

Please send an email to Melissa at with your name, location, a couple paragraphs about your relevant experience and reason for applying, and two references.

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