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Ranch Manager in training at Peeler Ranch, LLC - 11381

Job Title: 
Ranch Manager in training
Peeler Ranch, LLC
South Texas
78012 Christine , TX
Job Type: 
Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

The Manager In Training at Peeler Ranch will work in, learn and execute all day-to-day responsibilities of the ranch(s) including some long physical days yet with necessary office days for planning, administration, etc. work. Eventually, the MIT will be expected to be competent to fill the role of Ranch Manager. The Ranch Manager answers to the CEO of the board of directors which represents Peeler Ranch, LLC.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

This Manager In Training will live on the ranch in provided housing. The MIT's responsibilities entail learning and executing all aspects of the Ranch Manager whom is responsible for ensuring the company Strategic Plan is executed. This MIT will be expected to learn, help create, plan, execute and eventually share in all and/or certain management for grazing, ranch ecology, livestock, marketing, infrastructure, maintenance, finances, and more... of the ranch based on holistic management principles. This entails work as diverse as making daily moves of 500 cattle using portable electric fence, fixing underground water lines, processing piglets, checking soil sample health, marketing pork/beef, monitoring customer-hunters, ... to office work entailing grazing planning, employee work schedules, financial planning, planning livestock flow charts, research and development of new enterprises, etc....

Education & Experience: 

Candidates need the following:
-at least two years work experience in some type of managerial position.
-thorough knowledge of holistic management, regenerative ag/grazing practices, finances, economics, soil health, computer technology, livestock husbandry, agriculture mechanical equipment and more.

Application Instructions: 

Please send a one page cover letter, resume and three professional references to no later than January 29, 2021. Phone calls at this time are means for disqualification and not acceptable.

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