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Ranch Operations Assistant at Twin Willows Ranch - 12945

Job Title: 
Ranch Operations Assistant
Twin Willows Ranch
179 CR C008 Post Office Box 199
87734 Ocate , NM
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Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

Twin Willows Ranch in Ocate, NM is seeking to immediately fill a Temporary Full-Time employment position as Ranch Operations Assistant for Facilities, Equipment, Land, and Animals. The term of employment is as soon as can be hired through September 2021.

Twin Willows is an idyllic family ranch with over two thousand private and secluded acres in Northern New Mexico. Previously a recognized performance horse operation – the ranch is now a sanctuary for those seeking relaxation and beauty. The ranch’s progressive ownership and management focuses on a high standard of animal care and an ecological approach to our pastures, mesas, riparian areas, and wildlife. The ranch is located less than 20 miles from Angel Fire, two hours from Santa Fe, 90 minutes from Taos.

The primary responsibility for the Ranch Operations Assistant of Facilities, Equipment, Land, and Animals (ROA) is to act in the capacity of an assistant to the ranch owner, the general manager, and full-time staff in the overall operations of the ranch, performing such duties as may be assigned from time to time.


• $15.00 per hour wage.
• 40-hour week (with the possibility of some overtime).
• All federal and state mandated benefits.
• Housing in a classic Overlander Airstream RV.
• All utilities provided at no cost.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The duties and responsibilities of the ROA include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Assisting the ranch owner in operations tasks when the owner is at the ranch or at the direction of the ranch owner or the general manager when the ranch owner is not at the ranch, coordinating the performance of these tasks under the guidance and direction of the general manager.

Assisting staff with the following:

• Feeding and care of horses, cattle, goats, dogs, cats, and other animals on the ranch premises.
• Stacking, unstacking, and handling baled hay and sacked feed that may weigh up to 70 pounds each.
• Cleaning and maintaining the barns, sheds, and shop building and assisting and directing staff with the maintenance and grooming of the arenas.
• Constructing, maintaining and repairing all fences and roads on the ranch.
• Caring for and maintaining pastures.
• Gardening and maintaining lawns and landscaping, which may include lifting and moving rocks, logs, and other material that may weigh up to 70 pounds.
• Maintaining and overseeing the housekeeping of residences on the ranch.
• Thinning forested areas of the ranch.
• Cleaning and maintaining all stock tanks and waterers.
• Conducting ecological monitoring.

Other duties may from time to time be assigned to the ROA that will entail work with staff or working individually.

Education & Experience: 

The ideal ROA candidate has these qualifications:

• Is a self-starter.
• Has a strong animal welfare ethic.
• Has a strong land and water conservation ethic.
• Cares about working to increase biodiversity in land management.
• Can lift at least 70 lbs. in the form of hay bales, rocks, sacks of grain, etc.
• Has knowledge, or is willing to learn, horse, cattle, dog, cat, and goat husbandry.
• Can operate, or is willing to learn to operate, a tractor and skid-steer, and their implements.
• Can hook up and drive, or is willing to learn to hookup and drive, a truck pulling a horse trailer.
• Can drive, or is willing to learn to drive, a dump truck.
• Can take and successfully implement verbal directions.
• Can work successfully as part of a team or individually.
• Is drama free and has ego and temperament in check.
• Has computer skills, including operating Microsoft Office.

Education: high school, undergraduate, or graduate diplomas with demonstrated excellence in computer science, graphic arts, business/economics, and biological sciences desired.

We are willing to train the right individual. “Right individual” means a self-starter who is drama free, willing to learn, willing to work, willing to work with other people, willing to stay off social media while working, willing to bring forth solutions to problems they present, or that are presented to them.

Application Instructions: 

Email Michael Bain at:; Subject: Temporary Full-Time ROA

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