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Regenerative Ag Intern at Raw Roots Farm - 10844

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Regenerative Ag Intern
Raw Roots Farm
4944 Owens Creek Rd
95306 Catheys Valley , CA ,
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Raw Roots Farm is located in the Sierra Foothills just outside Yosemite National Park. Raw Roots Farm is a small, 4-acre no till regenerative agriculture vegetable, fruit, eggs, and berry operation run by Andrew and Lauren Glikin. The farm runs year round and produces a diverse quantity of crops that are compatible with the seasonal climate they are grown in. The food is sold at local farmer’s markets and on the farm directly through a community shared agriculture (CSA) program. Raw Roots Farm also serves as a space to share and teach sustainable living practices like natural building, solar technology, regenerative ag, grey water systems, and many more. Please visit the website ( for more information.

Our interns are expected to put in 50 hours a week in exchange for housing plus some amenities, surplus vegetables, and a $100 weekly stipend. Interns should be able perform duties in a cool damp (Spring) and hot dry (summer) climate, feel confident working alone, be comfortable with using public transportation (if no vehicle is owned) as well as lift and carry 30-50lbs. Through our unique work block system interns gain all the experience needed to feel proficient in farming tasks and hopefully begin their own unique adventure/farm in the future.

Again, days can be hot at the farm (in summer) so being able to handle 90F+ temperatures is very important.

The intern house is a unique 120sq/ft cob home that has a built in bed w/ mattress, running water, propane stove, power, compost toilet, and wood stove. Interns are expected to keep their living space clean and tidy as we have many visitors to the farm throughout the year.

The Raw Roots Farm Internship in California will last 3-6 months with the option to extend it to 10 months. At the end of your internship you should possess the skills (below) needed to begin your own small farm.

Crop Planning
Building your own soil
Monitoring soil Health
Seed Purchasing
Direct seeding
Irrigation Management
Row prep
No-Till crop production
As well as many other skills

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Listed above

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To apply for a Raw Roots Farm Internship, please send a resume, references, & cover letter to Application deadline 1/1/2021

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