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Regenerative Agriculture Business Advisor at Steward - 13910

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Regenerative Agriculture Business Advisor
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Full-time OR Part-Time
Remote Work

Steward is looking for a regenerative agriculture business expert to join our lending team. Their primary responsibility will be to help our borrowers navigate the challenges of growing a successful regenerative agriculture business and service their loans. Steward has developed an effective loan underwriting process, and is now focussing on improving our customers’ post-loan experience, of which the Advisor will be a key player.

This is an associate-level role responsible for overseeing Steward’s borrower customers, ensuring they are able to service their loans and stepping-in to support them when needed. The Advisor will use their experience and understanding of successful agriculture businesses to prepare repayment strategies and develop workouts to minimize loan defaults. They will understand the business of food production and the many factors that make businesses in the food system successful. A critical eye and a keen sense for opportunity and optimization is crucial in this role. Additionally, the Advisor will understand Steward’s suite of financial products and be able to leverage them as needed to help borrowers keep on track.

Reporting directly to the SVP of Services, and working closely with the lending team, the Regenerative Agriculture Business Advisor plays a key role in the success of Steward’s lending operation and importantly, in the success of the farms, fisheries, ranches, and food businesses that Steward supports.

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Duties & Responsibilities: 

-- Regularly engage Steward loan recipients to provide advice, support and monitor their business activities. A successful Advisor will be able to pre-empt issues in a borrower’s ability to repay their loan and work with them to navigate these issues.

-- Work closely with the lending & underwriting team to identify common borrower challenges and develop processes to reduce them. The Advisor will develop a keen sense of which businesses are a good fit for Steward lending and will help inform our vetting process.

-- Be a supportive partner to borrowers, going beyond simply avoiding defaults, to helping develop successful, long-lasting businesses.

Education & Experience: 

-- Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent formal agricultural training.
-- 5+ years experience in agriculture, including work with a wide range of producers.
-- Familiarity with commercial lending or the ability and desire to learn.
-- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
-- Organized and detail oriented.
-- Ability to thrive in an asynchronous, remote working environment.

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