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Regenerative Farm Builder at Olde School Farms - 13031

Job Title: 
Regenerative Farm Builder
Olde School Farms
493 East 450 North
84535 Monticello , UT
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Job Description: 

This is an opportunity for an individual, or better yet a couple, to help build a new regenerative farm from the start. We have a 32 acre partially irrigated farm to regenerate into a paradise on earth but we're so busy making the money to do so that we can't get to the farm. The right person/couple for this position need not have any farming experience, or construction experience, or animal husbandry experience, or animal training experience but any you do have will be helpful. Like any farm you will have to put your hand to just about everything we do including working in our construction and puppy growing/training businesses that are providing the funding to make it all possible. This is a cooperative position and you will need to be capable of self-motivation and deductive reasoning but not go off on wild tangents of your own. We practice positive reinforcement training with animals and people, will teach you everything we know, and will work with you to figure out all the things we don't. Often you'll be working in the puppy business, sometimes you'll be working in the construction business, you will have ample farm duties, and sometimes you will cover our duties so we can spend some time with the farm ourselves.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Planting, harvesting, watering, feeding, grooming, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, fixing broken stuff, running old equipment, carpentry, concrete work, painting, roofing, masonry, electrical, plumbing, cloning plants, forestry, animal husbandry, driving, canning, cooking, alternative building, fencing, welding, working when you're tired, working when you're really really tired, butchering, marketing, computer skills, purchasing, bookkeeping, and everything else under the sun.

Education & Experience: 

The more the merrier, unless your too academic or cerebral.

Application Instructions: 

Send a letter of interest explaining why you're interested in this position, what knowledge and talents you'll bring, and what you hope to accomplish, a quick synopsis of three hard things you've dealt with in your life, and a quick synopsis of three people you've helped. Oh yeah, send a resume with all that boring stuff too.

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