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Regenerative Farming Assistant at Olde School Farms - 7449

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Regenerative Farming Assistant
Olde School Farms
349 S 200 W, PO Bx 694 Olde School LLC
Monticello, UT 84535
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Job Description: 

This is a position for a person who has always wanted to get into regenerative agriculture but doesn't have a place to start. We have a small (32 acre) farm in the four corners region of Utah that we don't have the time to regenerate. The right candidate will have a love for restoring soil and everything that grows and lives on it and in it. They will need to build fence, fix equipment, plant and weed and harvest, tend livestock, have a firm love for prairie dogs (that live at least 1000 miles away), clone trees, butcher, ferment, compost, build stuff, and a few thousand other tasks. In short this is a real old fashioned farm job.

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Education & Experience: 

The more farming, dirt road driving, tractor fixing, barn building, harvesting, planting, escaped pig chasing, horse training, hay bucking education and experience the better. But, if you don't have a love for regenerative agriculture don't bother applying.

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Please send a resume, and/or detailed letter of intent along with references to:

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