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Regenerative Livestock Manager at Spoon Full Farm - 6899

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Regenerative Livestock Manager
Spoon Full Farm
1250 Dudley Road
Thorp, WA 98946
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Job Description: 

You love animals. You want to help a beautiful piece of farmland grow to its most vibrant potential, with rich soil and biodiversity. You enjoy the beauty and the challenges of farm life, and you love great food.

Spoon Full Farm is hiring an enthusiastic, capable person to manage the beef cattle and laying hens who build our soil and provide our protein, to begin in 2020. Our livestock do amazing work to revitalize the land, through our regenerative pasture program. They live healthy lives with as little stress as possible. The meat and eggs that we harvest are deeply nourishing.

As a young farm (finishing season three, in 2019), we are constantly learning, testing, and adapting our practices; as livestock manager, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to grow through creative problem-solving and close teamwork. You’ll hone your understanding of land and animals. You’ll get to know this beautiful place in an intimate way. You’ll feel the satisfaction of good folks (our customers) who revel in the privilege of eating the naturally-delicious beef and eggs. You’ll become an integral part of a growing, ecologically-motivated business.

Spoon Full Farm has just over 80 acres of irrigated pasture in Thorp, Washington, on the bank of the cold, beautiful Yakima River. We are about 80 miles east of Seattle, 12 miles east of Cle Elum, and 12 miles west of Ellensburg. The climate is hot, cold, dry, sunny, windy - harsh and glorious. It’s a great place for grass and cattle. The farm also has a large garden and over 100 acres of native wildland. Learn more at

Our beef herd currently consists of 30+ cattle (and one awesome bull), and approximately 500 laying hens. We expect at least 10 calves to be born in 2020, and would also like to bring our layer count up to 700. We sell meat and eggs through our CSA and at farmers markets, mainly in Seattle and the Ellensburg area, in Washington.

The job would ideally begin on February 1, 2020, to give you time to acclimate to the place and the community, and to make grazing and processing plans, before the grazing season begins in earnest. Pay would range from $22k-$28k (plus benefits including comfortable housing), depending on experience.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

As livestock manager, your duties will fall into three main categories.

-Animal management (~60%):
Low-stress handling;
Daily rotational grazing/fencing;
Finishing and coordinating slaughter/processing;
Record-keeping for health, reproduction, and efficiency of production;
Vaccinations, health checks, medical needs;
Hauling, loading, and processing;
Chicken-moving and tending.

-Pasture co-management (30%) (In collaboration with Spoon Full’s operations manager):
Co-managing hay supply;
Managing pasture weeds;
Evaluating and utilizing forage;
Planning Grazing/Mowing;
Maintaining, improving and moving fencing;
Pasture irrigation (includes dealing with finicky small engines).

-Marketing/inventory/sales (10%):
Recording, projecting, and co-managing inventory of meat and eggs;
helping to certify our livestock operation as Animal-Welfare-Approved and Grass-fed.

Education & Experience: 

The ideal candidate has broad (and/or in-depth) experience with pasture-based livestock operations. At least 2-3 seasons of experience, including winter and shoulder-season work, will probably be necessary.

Some of the top skills/attributes that we are looking for include:
-Planning and fencing for regenerative pasture management.
-Diligent care for animals, ability to handle cattle and chicken movements. Experience with animal health treatment a big plus.
-Strong record-keeping skills and problem-identifying/solving abilities.
-Physical ability to lift hay bales.
-Ability to drive a truck with a trailer.
-Ability to live in a small community and work in a dedicated team.
-Some mechanical experience with hay/pasture/irrigation equipment (including engines) is a big plus.
-Some building experience is a big plus.
-A passion for helping to grow a humane, ecological food system is a MUST.

Application Instructions: 

Please send the following to, by October 10, 2019.
-Cover letter (200-300 words, describing your farm experience, your goals, and your relationship to animals and/or food).
-A few sentences about where/how you see yourself in 2, 5, and 7 years, from now.

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