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Rooftop Farm Field Manager at Deep Medicine Circle - 18302

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Rooftop Farm Field Manager
Deep Medicine Circle
5100 Telegraph Ave
94609 Oakland , CA ,
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The Rooftop Medicine Farm Field Manager is a full time exempt position whose responsibilities includes operating the Rooftop Medicine Farm together with the Harvest Manager. This 1 acre rooftop farm is a large intensive market garden style farm with an integrated ecosystem.
The Deep Medicine Circle (DMC) is a WOC-led nonprofit organization that is committed to healing the wounds of colonialism through food, medicine, story, restoration and learning. We are an organization made up of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people working together in radical solidarity to advance a culture of care. We center climate, economic, racial and health justice, through activities in farming, ecological restoration, land back, community organizing, arts and education. Our work is to Heal the Land and Feed the People.

The DMC’s Farming is Medicine Program reframes farming as an act of care of the land and the people. At this farm, we are working with Indigenous community members on returning land back, asserting the role of farmers as stewards of health through practices that enhance ecology and grow a diversity of nutrient-dense foods. We liberate the food we grow from the market economy to distribute to BIPOC and poor communities oppressed by hunger in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This position reports to the Director of Agroecology/Land Stewardship. Duties and responsibilities include field production management and support of the co-manager of the harvest. These duties include but are not limited to crop planning, seed starting, propagation, field preparation and management, planting, weeding, harvesting, fertility management, seed collection, irrigation, staff oversight, documentation of crop production and coordinating delivery.
Time Requirement: Full TIme
Compensation and Hours: Range $65,000-$80,000 DOE
Housing: Housing is not offered with this job.
Start Date and Timeline: February 1, 2023. The first 6 months is provisional, after which a review is conducted to determine suitability with the organization.
Required and Additional Benefits: Paid Sick Leave, Paid Time Off, Healthcare, 401K, Workers’ Compensation, unemployment insurance.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Duties & Responsibilities:
● Field production activities including pulling beds, preparing and planting priorities, updating documentation accordingly, gathering tools and directing tasks specific to bed management
● Implementing the 2023 season’s crop plan/priorities, planting map and successions with the RMF Harvest Manager, under supervision of DMC Director of Agroecology/Land Stewardship
● Weekly direct seeding of crop succession
● Field cultivation and weeding, creating priorities for cultivation, determining correct
cultivation tools, overseeing tasks and delegation of priorities of cultivation and
flame weeding
● Working with Director of Agroecology/Land Stewardship on site layout, irrigation,
fertility management
● Pest management - Identifying pest pressure, monitoring and enacting
● Managing and documenting overall soil health with appropriate amendments/fertilizers, brewing compost teas, taking basic soil tests and adjusting irrigation accordingly
● Overseeing and managing on-site compost piles, monitoring temperatures, turning and sifting for use on the roof beds for plantings.
● Oversight and managing the delivery of produce to appropriate partners in coordination with Harvest manager
● Keep the farm organized and clean with minimal waste, both in physical and paper form.
● Documenting and keeping track of hours of work at the site, inputs and other record keeping via app/online documentation software for data tracking and organic certification
● Ensuring staff, volunteers and interns adhere to health and safety regulations
● Document as needed the work being done in photo, video and written form
● Help build professional networks and represent the values of DMC around
advancing a culture and politics of care
● Present and articulate the purpose and vision of the work that the DMC is doing around Farming is Medicine in relationship to the Rooftop Medicine Farm
● Attend monthly Full Circle and participate in storytelling. Attend monthly Worker Circle meetings.
● Other responsibilities as assigned

Education & Experience: 

Bachelor's degree in Agricultural, Ecology or Environmental Sciences or equivalent lifetime experience (4 yrs). Must have at least 5 years of market production management experience. Candidates without this experience will not be considered. Proficient in managing spreadsheets, excel, google sheets for crop planning. Strong written and oral skills, with experience in report writing necessary. Ability to present farm programs and activities in MS word, Google docs and PowerPoint format to farmers and local staff. Familiarity with google drive, calendar and Slack. Emotional maturity is required. Ecological consciousness and alignment with Indigenous/Earth-based ecofeminist perspectives are critical. Political education in the impacts of racism/ableism/sexism and decolonization praxis a plus. Work experience in diverse urban environments is highly desirable.

Application Instructions: 

To apply, please email with:
● Subject line: Rooftop Medicine Farm Field Manager
● Cover letter detailing your interest in the position ● Resume
● Three references, work--related, with current phone numbers and emails

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