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Route Operator at Black Dirt Farm - 15129

Job Title: 
Route Operator
Black Dirt Farm
393 Stannard Mountain Road
05842 Stannard , VT
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Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

The Route Operator will run our compost collection route two days per week and contribute to the overall success of the farm by performing other tasks as needed and as time allows.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

1. Safely and efficiently operating the collection route two days per week.
2. Operating a 2 ton-truck with dump trailer, hydraulic tote tipper, generator, hot water pressure washer, and the fresh water pump.
3. Attending to as-needed equipment repairs that can be done easily on the route, such as changing a pull chord or replacing spark plugs.
4. Handling 48-gallon wheeled containers, visually inspecting containers for contaminants, and removing them when necessary.
5. Recording and reporting data.
6. Friendly customer service as needed while on customer premises.

Education & Experience: 

· Five years driving experience; ideally, at least one year of commercial/heavy truck driving experience.
· Strong interpersonal skills, including communication, listening, and stress management.
· Willingness to follow protocols; appreciation for operational efficiency.
· Demonstrated ability to manage time and problem solve.
· Ability and desire to perform basic repairs.
· This job requires the operator to:
* Handle containers up to 350 pounds (on wheels), typically 150-200 lbs.
* Lift 100 pounds safely.
* Climb in and out of truck bed routinely with comfort.
* Execute semi-repetitive tasks over time.
* Operate outdoors, in variable weather and temperatures.
* Bend, stoop, and climb stairs.
* Excitement about compost, farming and the food system.
· All candidates must pass a DMV and criminal background check.
· Willingness to engage in dismantling systemic supremacies and participate in a vibrant, inspired work culture.

Application Instructions: 

Please send your resume and three references to
For more information please visit

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