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Sales and Greenhouse Operations at Friends of Holly Hill Farm, Inc. - 15289

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Sales and Greenhouse Operations
Friends of Holly Hill Farm, Inc.
236 Jerusalem Road Friends of Holly Hill Farm, Inc.
02025 Cohasset , MA
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Job Description: 

The major responsibility of this position is the management of all aspects of the farm’s certified organic vegetable and flower growing operations. Due to the breadth of this position the major responsibilities are shared between two farm managers - the Sales and Greenhouse Operations manager has the primary responsibility for all aspects of seedling propagation, post harvest management, direct to consumer sales at the plant sale, farm stand, and farmers market. In this position the sales and greenhouse manager must make decisions that uphold the mission of Holly Hill Farm including but not limited to a commitment to regenerative agriculture, our community, and our environment.
Responsibilities and Duties:
● Management of all plant propagation activities including seeding and care of plants for the farm, education department and annual plant sale
● Responsible for planning and execution of the annual plant sale
● Management of farm sales including on and offsite markets and wholesale accounts ● Management of on site farmstand including merchandising, procurement of produce and pantry items from other vendors, inventory records, and pricing.
● Responsible for weekly vegetable, flower and herb harvest including selection and post harvest handling.
These areas are shared with the Field Operations Manager:
● Responsible for seasonal farm chores including snow removal, watering, and greenhouse temperature management
● Participation in maintenance of driveways, barns and sheds, fields, woods and trails including plowing and shoveling of snow for winter access to buildings and animals ● Coordination with co-manager to create and implement a yearly crop plan and greenhouse schedule as well as the weekly development of activities and schedules ● Participation in the farm’s community including planning meetings and events as well as coordination of weekly farm activities with Farm Owner, Farm Director, Educational Director, Farm Co-Manager, and Staff
● Management of the recruitment, training, and supervision of other full or part-time and/or seasonal employees and/or volunteers
● Participation in the farm’s administration including data collecting, record-keeping, and reporting required to maintain organic certification and assisting in the keeping of financial records, making of budgets, handling of receipts, etc.
● Participation in long term strategic planning activities working towards the goals of sustainability and conservation practices of the farm

Education & Experience: 

Education level: High School Diploma
Experience: 2 years of on farm employment
Specific skills:
● Familiar with the operation, maintenance and repair of basic farm machinery such as mechanized gardening equipment and tractors.
● Skilled in all major organic and sustainable farming practices including greenhouse management and the successful growing of an extensive variety of vegetables and flowers
● Expertise with post harvest handling of vegetables, flowers, and herbs ● Experience with marketing of vegetables, flowers and seedlings at farm stands, farmers’ markets and restaurants
● Skilled in dealing with clients and the general public
● Proficient in the use of Excel, Word, Google Suite, and the ability to adapt to new technologies
● Supportive of and able to contribute actively to the owners’ goals of utilizing the farm for educational and community purposes
● Capable of supervising and training other employees and volunteers and organizing their work schedules

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