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Salmon Hatchery Maintenance Manager and Maintenance Technician at Armstrong-Keta - 4287

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Salmon Hatchery Maintenance Manager and Maintenance Technician
Port Armstrong Hatchery Baranof Island
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Armstrong-Keta Inc. is a private non-profit organisation established with the aim of contributing to the common property salmon fishery in South East Alaska. The Port Armstrong hatchery is set in the remote wilderness of Baranof Island, SE Alaska. The hatchery annually collects eggs from three species of Pacific salmon; pink, chum, and coho. These eggs are hatched and raised in freshwater incubators, raceway ponds, and saltwater net pens before their release into the ocean. The hatchery conducts egg take and cost recovery harvest from a proportion of the returning adult fish, while the remainder of the fish are available for catch by commercial troll and seine fishermen. Approximately fifteen people live in the village-like community of Port Armstrong with the facility buildings located on the beachfront, backed by high mountains. There are no roads or urban utilities at the site and access is by boat or seaplane. The hatchery generates its own hydroelectric power and is served by a satellite internet system. The hatchery includes equipment specific to fish culture including pipelines and small hydropower systems, hatchery and domestic buildings, as well as common industrial and domestic machinery.

Armstrong-Keta is currently recruiting for two positions; a maintenance manager, and a maintenance technician. The maintenance manager is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of all hatchery facilities and equipment. The maintenance manager reports directly to the hatchery manager. The maintenance technician is responsible for maintenance and repair of the facilities and equipment at Port Armstrong hatchery under the supervision of the maintenance manager. Both the maintenance manager and the maintenance technician work closely with the fish culture team.

Both roles are critically important to the safe and efficient operation of the hatchery and the candidates are expected to be fit and available to respond to emergencies. Therefore use/abuse of alcohol or drugs that impairs performance either on or off-duty is not permitted.


The salary is competitive, determined based on experience. There are significant benefits to the position including housing which is suitable for a family, a monthly food allowance, medical insurance, profit sharing plan. There is also generous leave time for which Armstrong-Keta can provide transport out from the hatchery at no cost to the employee.

Living, working and playing in this pristine wilderness location far from the ills of modern urban society and instead surrounded by incredible natural beauty is the best aspect of the position for those who thrive at the hatchery. Outdoor recreation opportunities abound with superb fishing and hunting opportunities, and boating or hiking are popular pastimes.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

*Operation of the physical plant – Understand and operate the different components of the hatchery physical plant, which includes the buildings, pipelines, process water distribution system, electrical power generation and distribution, domestic water, sewage, garbage, fuel storage and distribution, fire suppression, and alarm systems. Also included are a variety of equipment, small boats and outboard motors, and other small engines necessary for the operation of the hatchery programs.
*Maintenance and repair - Be responsible for keeping shop and construction project areas clean, well-organized, and safe. Maintain accurate inventory records of all equipment and supplies on site. Ensure that preventive and routine maintenance is scheduled and performed. Make repairs on facilities and equipment as needed. Enforce safety rules and guidelines.
* Teamwork – Coordinate work routines and projects with other hatchery staff. Supervise maintenance personnel as directed by the Hatchery Manager, providing feedback on employee performance and personnel needs. Provide leadership and be a proactive part of team building, setting a general tone that encourages optimum performance. Due to the small community nature of life at Port Armstrong it is essential that all employees function as a positive team member both on and off the job.
*Construction Projects – Assist the Hatchery Manager in planning and coordinating construction and capital improvement projects. Supervise and direct construction, maintenance and other capital improvement projects, including outside contractors, as needed. Design and fabricate tools and equipment.
*Prepare annual budgets – Assist the Hatchery Manager with preparation of annual operations and capital budgets to be submitted for presentation to the board of directors.
*Administrative Duties - Verify time sheets associated with maintenance or construction. Plan and assist with procurement of supplies, equipment and services, ensuring that all AKI purchasing protocols are followed.

Education & Experience: 

The applicant should have an in-depth knowledge of machine and building maintenance. The candidate must be willing to learn specific techniques that have been developed successfully for the Port Armstrong site, and especially learning to operate and troubleshoot the complex water system supplying the hatchery.

Formal qualifications and experience with the following skills are particularly useful:

Equipment maintenance and repair; small engines, outboards, pumps, hydraulic systems, hydroelectric generating units
Welding including competency in aluminum
HDPE pipeline construction and plastic welding
General construction skills including carpentry and plumbing
Electrical wiring and troubleshooting
Boat and floating platform maintenance and repair
Computer literacy including Microsoft Office
The candidate must be able to organize their time, solve problems and carry out duties with a minimum of supervision, as well as work cooperatively with other staff. Good physical health is required, including the ability to routinely lift objects weighing at least 70 lbs. and to walk up a steep trail to service the pipelines. A positive attitude and the ability to get along with co-workers and thrive in a remote wilderness location is essential. A creative and flexible attitude is often required to overcome challenges at a remote site and the role requires a high capacity for resilience and adaptability.

Application Instructions: 

Please send a copy of your resume, a covering letter, and three professional references to;

Only candidates with the right to work in the USA need apply

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