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School Garden Coordinator at Harmony Union School District | Salmon Creek School - 5934

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School Garden Coordinator
Harmony Union School District | Salmon Creek School
1935 Bohemian Hwy
Occidental, CA 95465
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Job Description: 

The Garden Coordinator in the Harmony Union Schools District fulfills the role of developing and implementing a school garden program, assisting with the Farm to school program, and assisting with implementation of the "place-based learning" program for district students. The Garden Coordinator is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the garden, as well as providing learning activities in the garden and classroom that support the regular school curriculum and standards. The employee coordinates community access to the garden and its resources and special events or activities associated with the garden program, community and fund raising efforts.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

-Evaluate the district's total garden program, activities, and materials in terms of adequacy in meeting curricular requirements, student and faculty needs, as well as state and federal standards relating to student wellness and healthy habits.
-Assist classroom teachers in providing lessons to students that emphasize healthy nutrition and lifestyles.
-Assist with processes necessary for the acquisition, organization, and maintenance of materials, resources and plants that will sustain a working garden that supplies vegetables and fruits for the school cafeteria program.
-Regularly communicate information about the available resources and services of the garden to students, staff and the community.
-Promote activities and learning materials that reinforce the district's place-based education theory and standards.
-Assist with the refinement of a TK-8 scope and sequence of activities and lessons for the District's evolving curricular needs and requirements in the healthy student and placed-based education areas and science standards.
-Provide for group instruction in garden development and sustainability, Farm to School activities, and Healthy nutrition as appropriate for various age groupings of district students.
-Actively participate in district committees and planning activities that support place- based education, healthy life styles and student wellness.
-Establish and maintain standards of behavior for the garden area that support district and school codes of student conduct, while also maintaining a warm and welcoming environment.
-Encourage and motivate students to think independently and begin to take personal responsibility for their health, wellness and nutrition as appropriate for their age and maturity.
-Participate in approved workshops and in-services in order to maintain a high level of professional competence in student wellness, garden sustainability, farm produce, and place-based education

Education & Experience: 

-Prior successful instructional and curriculum experience with K-8 students is desirable.
-Evidence of effective organizational and garden management skills.
-Evidence of effective and appropriate oral and written communication skills.
-Effective skills and knowledge in growing and maintaining a production garden/nursery.
-Ability to safely lift objects and supplies that weighs up to 40 pounds.
-Mobility skills that allow the person to safely manage and maintain a large production garden.
-Must pass state required background and finger print clearances, possess a valid California driver's license, and possess up-to-date TB clearance.

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Learn more information, including instructions for application, on the Harmony Union School District website:

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