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Seed Farm Intern at Seed rEvolution Now - 11979

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Seed Farm Intern
Seed rEvolution Now
1574 Parrott Drive
94402 San Mateo , CA
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Seed rEvolution Now (SrN), a small research and education-oriented organic seed company, is seeking to employ a farm intern for 24 hours per week, from May 1 to December 1, 2021. This individual must be committed to organic farming principles, and have a serious interest in vegetable seed production and plant breeding. Responsibilities would involve all aspects of the crop and seed production cycle including planting, weeding, thinning, watering, harvesting and seed cleaning. This person would be expected to keep a logbook of field records and evaluations throughout the growing season, and would be encouraged to document the process with photos and video. SrN owner, Steve Peters, will be working in the field along side this individual, providing a broad education of organic farming methods and seed saving. The focus of the teaching will be on dry farming (and low input agriculture, in general), vegetable seed production of a variety of crops, and plant breeding techniques for tomatoes . We will be primarily using hand tools on about 3 acres of land within earshot of the ocean a few miles south of Pescadero, CA. We also have another smaller site tucked in a beautiful valley west of Gilroy.
The intern would receive a wage of $15/hour.
There is no housing available on site, so they would need to commute from home.

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If interested please contact Steve Peters via his email -

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