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Sheep and Poultry Manager at Open Field Farm - 5085

Job Title: 
Sheep and Poultry Manager
Open Field Farm
2245 Spring Hill Road
Petaluma, CA 94952
Job Type: 
Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

We are seeking an enthusiastic, thoughtful and hard working person to join the crew on our family farm. Open Field Farm is a diversified biodynamic farm, raising mixed vegetables, flowers, herbs, corn, grain, and grass-fed beef, lamb and laying hens for our 100 member CSA program in Petaluma, California.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

● Manage and care for the flock of 1200 laying hens, including daily feeding and egg collection, moving the
coop each week, raising the replacement chicks, ordering chicken feed, maintaining and repairing the
chicken equipment.
● Tending the herd of Tunis sheep, including daily moves of 40 sheep, as well as hoof trimming, lambing,
castration, and more.
● Cleaning and managing of small grains in storage, mostly wheat and rye.
● Manage the supply of grass fed beef and lamb to the CSA, including pick up of the finished product at the cut
and wrap, organizing the inventory in the freezer.
● Assist with pick up of supplies, such as gas and propane.
● Practice low-stress animal handling/stockmanship.
● Assist with maintenance of the buildings, as well as small infrastructure projects.
● Help with vegetable harvest two days a week.

Education & Experience: 

Enthusiastic about farm work, especially working with chickens and sheep
Ability to problem solve and enjoys working independently
2 years of previous agricultural experience required.
Good physical condition for extended amounts of outdoor labor in all seasons and all weather (able to bend, sit, squat, rake, shovel, and lift 50 lbs.).
Must be reliable and timely.
Good communication skills and ability to listen and collaborate.
Able to follow instructions and work efficiently.
Able to operate tools and mechanical equipment safely; forklift and tractor experience preferred.

Application Instructions: 

Please send us your resume and cover letter explaining what brought you to agriculture and your past work
experiences, why you are passionate about animal husbandry, and what interests you about working at Open Field Farm.

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