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Shepherd at Cuyama Lamb LLC - 16613

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Cuyama Lamb LLC
12220 Calle Real
93117 Goleta , CA ,
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Si habla español principalmente, por favor llame o envíe un mensaje de texto al (805) 705-1374 para expresar su interés.

We are a contract grazing outfit, focusing on ecological management using sheep. This consists of fire fuel mitigation, invasive weed control, native grassland rehabilitation, and integration into agricultural settings for weed management and crop residue removal. We also sell lamb meat—direct to consumer and wholesale—as well as wool, and have the potential to develop these enterprises further.
We are looking for someone ready to commit themselves to the daily needs of our flock. You will live in a travel trailer on site with the sheep, moving from location to location throughout Santa Barbara County and potentially into neighboring counties. Most of the job is building and taking down electric fence, tending to the animals, observing ecological conditions and making decisions accordingly. It may require interacting with clients and talking to the public. The Shepherd will be working with sheep, dogs, and fellow human co-workers. Work often requires carrying heavy loads and working on steep unstable slopes in all weather conditions. There is a lot of on-the-fly troubleshooting and problem-solving that is required. Being handy and a keen problem-solver will get you far. We expect our shepherds to work 40 hour weeks, 5 days a week, with two days off. Sometimes longer days are required, and will be compensated accordingly. Sometimes during emergencies—namely sheep breakouts—your attention may be required during off-hours (on workdays only).
This work is hard. Occasionally it is romantic, but mostly it is hard physical labor. It can be monotonous. And it will be demanding. But it always takes place in beautiful places.
Interest and ambition to participate in other aspects of the business is a plus. Whether it be in the realm of meat, wool, animal husbandry, social media, artistic collaborations, community engagement and education, research partnerships… All your ideas and enthusiasm are welcome. The truth is, though, that more than 90% of your time will be spent doing on-the-ground work.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Responsibilities include
• Building and maintaining electric fence
• Monitoring ecology
• Handling livestock
• Handling water infrastructure
• Lifting heavy equipment and animal supplements
• Driving a truck and trailer
• Building portable corrals
• Basic equipment maintenance
• Interacting with the public

Education & Experience: 

Desirable Experience and Qualifications
• Livestock management and handling
• Experience with trucks and trailers
• Drivers license
• Agricultural background
• Physical stamina
• Indigenous ecological perspectives
• Handy with mechanics, welding, plumbing, electric, etc.
• Experience using electric fence
• Herding with dogs, dog training
• Horseback experience
• Ecological knowledge (especially locally-focused or in Mediterranean climates)

Other Experience We Value
• Bilingual or Spanish speaking
• Organizing or Advocacy
• Orchards, vineyards, or cropping
• Co-operative business
• Cultural relationship to grazing or land stewardship

Starting Offer
• 26K-32K / year salary, eligible for overtime
• 40-50 hours a week
• Shepherd’s Trailer provided
• 2 weeks paid vacation

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