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Six-Month Farm-Based Leadership Training Apprenticeship at Dickinson College Farm - 14072

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Six-Month Farm-Based Leadership Training Apprenticeship
Dickinson College Farm
553 Park Drive
17007 Boiling Springs , PA ,
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The Dickinson College Farm Leadership Training Apprenticeship offers a unique opportunity for full-time employment rooted in hands-on learning. This six-month farm-based position is geared toward building professional skill sets in project management, group leadership, technical know-how, and networking within the context of an educational production farm. The position runs from late May until late November 2022 and includes a competitive hourly pay plus on-farm, off-grid housing, and amenities.

As an apprentice, you will gain the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to advance toward leadership roles within the professional arena. In addition to farm-specific training, this experience is applicable to furthering academic studies and employment opportunities related to food systems, sustainability, and education.

More details on the 2022 Farm-Based Leadership Apprenticeship and an application can be found at

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The majority of farm apprenticeship training is hands-on, supplemented by educational sessions, field trips, and optional readings. During the summer months, apprentices will be part of a team made up of student employees, full-time farm staff, and fellow apprentices. Apprentices will be asked to take the lead on work assignments, as well as work as a team member. When classes resume in the fall, apprentices will take much more of a leadership role on the farm, leading students and volunteers on tasks and work projects. This goal of this program is to equip apprentices with the knowledge and skills to do their work well, and to help them progress in their roles as leaders.

Education & Experience: 

Success in any business, but especially agriculture, is dependent on hustle, efficient workflow, and attention to detail from all participants. The farm management team love the work they do and find beauty and joy on the farm nearly every day, yet they have learned through experience that achieving good harvests and a healthy agroecosystem requires constantly pushing themselves to be faster, smarter and more organized. Farmers do not sleep well at night if the crops and livestock are not properly cared for in a timely fashion. The Dickinson College Farm sets ambitious goals for vegetable and livestock production and health, as well as for a diversity of education and outreach programming. Meeting these goals will require all team members to pay attention to details, think about efficiency of movement, and push themselves to develop a fast pace in repetitive tasks. Apprentice candidates should be prepared to be pushed to develop their speed as a core skill set that will benefit them in any future employment. Everyone can all learn to work like a successful professional farmer if they approach the role with an open mind and a positive attitude. Since apprentices play an important role in sharing the culture of hustle and efficiency with students and volunteers on the farm, this will be a recurring theme in the apprentice training program throughout the season. We hope apprentices will embrace this mentality as part of the fun of “winning” at the game of farming.

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Applications are reviewed as they are received. Final deadline for the Dickinson College Farm 2022 Apprenticeship Program is February 21st, 2022.
A detailed job description and application can be found at

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