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Spirulina Cultivator at GreenSpring Farms LLC - 5992

Job Title: 
Spirulina Cultivator
GreenSpring Farms LLC
Brentwood, CA
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Job Description: 

We are an algae farm dedicated to creating innovative food products that support vibrant and vital living. We are looking for an individual to enter our start-up at the ground-level and grow with our company. An aptitude for hands-on work and experiential learning is essential as our farming methods involve new techniques and technology.

This position will be responsible for the day-to-day health, cultivation and harvest of our spirulina and will work directly with the CTO. While spirulina will always require routine care and maintenance, we are in the process of developing systems that will make the maintenance of our product less intensive. However, until these systems are fully operationalized, this position may at times require urgent, time-sensitive action. As such, in addition to routine care responsibilities, this position must be able to respond in the event of emergencies 24hrs a day. For the right candidate we may consider someone who lives within 30 minutes of the farm (Brentwood, CA 94513), but high priority will be placed on candidates who can live on the farm. Housing is available on the farm (or RV/van parking if you prefer).

While a background in Biology, Chemistry or agriculture related field is highly preferred this position does not require a technical degree. However, you must demonstrate a strong technical aptitude and a desire to learn and grow.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Following detailed procedures and timelines for monitoring nutrient levels and water chemistry
Following detailed procedures and timelines for harvesting
Electronic data collection, analysis, and management
Working with the CTO to create, establish and document new methods and procedures
Operation, inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting of all growing and harvest systems, including:
Well and water filtration
Air hoses and compressors
Plumbing and water lines
Ventilation fans
Digital Sensor network
24hr monitoring of critical systems and immediate response to emergencies

Education & Experience: 

BA or equivalent
Minimum strong high school-level understanding of basic chemistry
Experience with basic scientific practices of experimentation and data collection
Ability and desire to do assigned tasks and procedures correctly and on time. Every time.
Ability and desire to work outside and in greenhouses
Intelligence and communication (i.e. ability to see problems before they happen and share your findings and ideas about optimization with our team)
Proactive, nurturing and responsible: must care deeply for the health and wellbeing of growing systems and understand the importance of being the primary caretaker for a fast-changing living system

Highly Desirable:
Degree or college coursework in Biology, Chemistry or Agriculture
Experience with aquaculture and aquaculture systems
Experience with large growing systems (e.g., farming, large-scale gardens)
Experience with detailed testing or other scientific procedures
Understanding of plant nutrients
Experience with plumbing and water systems
Project planning/project management

Application Instructions: 

Compensation will be based on experience with adjustments for performance as our company expands. Vacation time will be included in the compensation. An on-site interview will be required. Any applicants who are not local are responsible for their own travel costs to interview.

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