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Spring Summer Intern 2022 at Green Uprising Farm - 14630

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Spring Summer Intern 2022
Green Uprising Farm
2301 East Hill Road
95490 Willits , CA
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Drought, wildfire, Covid. Nothing is certain. How do we embrace this? We have no easy answers, but we do feel grateful to have a piece of land, a community of people, animals and plants, and to be able to work and live together in a beautiful mountain valley in Northern California. We would like to invite two more people, ideally a couple or two friends, to share the 2022 growing season with us for a 6 month educational internship, 30 hours of work weekly, April through October. We offer housing, seasonal farm fresh food and $500 monthly stipend. We are affiliated with the School of Adaptive Agriculture where you can participate (free of charge) in educational workshops. For more information contact:

What might you find here? Goats, ducks, turkeys, chickens, humans (ten of us from age 11 to 76), various gardens and living structures, old and new orchards, berries and vineyards, a struggling creek, oaks, madrones and a lone redwood, an outdoor kitchen, shower and bathtub, hoophouses, a medicinal herb garden, bio-char, compost, humanure and a roadside farmstand.

What do we do? We pull some weeds and eat others. We prepare new beds and try to leave roots in the ground for all those lovely soil organisms. We make compost, milk goats, make cheese and kefir, plant and harvest fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, sell produce at the farmstand or farmers market, grow medicinal herbs, mulch beds, plant cover crops, watch plants die when there is no water, worry about drought and wildfire, repair fallen fences, clogged pumps, and broken gates, and try to be there for each other when times are hard.

What do we think? We look toward peasant, indigenous and traditional cultures for knowledge and inspiration as these offer the longest and most time-tested models for living collectively within ecological limits. We also respect the many contributions from permaculture, bio-intensive, biodynamic, organic and regenerative agriculture. We realize the world is crumbling around us and we like to think this opens new opportunities to think about what kind of world we really want to live in and how to begin remaking it. We would like a world that is centered on learning about and loving this place where we are rooted. We would like to be more rooted. We would like a world that is not human-centric, with less fossil fuels, less plastic, more local livelihoods, lots of mutual aid, and fewer screens.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Participate in daily farm life. Take initiative, ask questions, bring joy and curiosity, use common sense. You will be preparing and planting beds, harvesting, stocking the farmstand, watering, milking goats, feeding ducks, chickens and turkeys, going to farmers markets, tending the medicinal herb garden, stocking the herbal apothecary, participating in meetings and potluck meals.

Education & Experience: 

Some experience with farming, gardening, homesteading, livestock preferred but not required. Eagerness to learn, willingness to work hard, and a good sense of humor is required.

Application Instructions: 

State your interest and ask for an application and interview

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