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Therapeutic Garden Educator at Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz - 5427

Job Title: 
Therapeutic Garden Educator
Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz
Watsonville , CA
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Job Description: 

Healthy Connections is a program Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz and is looking for a part-time therapeutic garden educator. The Healthy Connections program supports adults with mental health challenges in achieving optimal health and wellness through a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. We are looking for an individual who is excited about growing food and flowers and has experience leading groups in gardening activities. This job is very part time, only 2 hours a week at $20-30/hour DOE. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in exploring the therapeutic benefits of gardening! This is a perfect job for a student or someone with a flexible schedule.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Running a once a week, hour long gardening group for those with mental health challenges. This includes managing the garden, planting, harvesting and activity planning.

Education & Experience: 

Background in leading groups is a must. Comfort with working with adults that experience mental health challenges is also needed. Background in gardening/farming is important, but attitude and energy essential. This job requires supporting those with little/no gardening experience to feel like they can be successful and engaged in the garden.

Application Instructions: 

Please email a Resume and letter of intent to Max Bryer-Bass,

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