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Tractor Driver at Stoneboat Farm - 14415

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Tractor Driver
Stoneboat Farm
10850 NW Jackson Quarry rd
97124 Hillsboro , OR ,
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Stoneboat farm is a sustainable vegetable and poultry farm. We are looking for a tractor driver for the 2022 farming season. Our long time tractor driver has retired from the tractor but he’s still here doing other tasks and happy to train another driver. It’s a really good chance to really learn this aspect of a farm. When it’s raining, in the winters (if you want to work the winters with us) and on the days in the season when there isn’t as much tractor work, you will have some days on the crew. We also understand it’s hard to be on a tractor all day every day and we build in some other tasks that work well in the day - moving irrigation, helping out with the weeding, etc - so you can get off the tractor and stretch some even on busy tractor weeks.

Stoneboat farm is a pretty good place to work - we have competitive compensation (see below) but it’s also a really good crew of humans (and dogs too!). We’ve been at this long enough that we aren’t making the mistakes and working the long hours we did at the start but we’re still new enough to be making changes every year on the farm - changes you can be a part of! Many of our crew members have been here for 4 or more seasons and we’d love to welcome another awesome person to the farm!

Tractor driving is a pretty solitary activity. You will need to be able to get direction at the beginning of your shift and carry out the task, with advice where needed but mostly self-managing though the day. Tractor work sets the crew up for success in each field when just going out and spading or disking isn't enough. You need to know what results we need in the field and work with the farm managers to best achieve them.

There will be some tasks off the tractor each day and each week to keep you from sitting all day but it’s also important to take care of yourself! It is also your responsiblity to make sure you’re feeling well and the work is safe for your body - if it isn’t or you need a break, we want and expect you to tell us.

You are also responsible for keeping the equipment and tractor in safe working order on the days you are driving the tractor. This means some regular maintenance and informing someone when things need fixing.

When on the crew, you’ll get to work with our awesome team and take direction from the crew leader to help with weeding, harvest, irrigation, or other farm tasks.

For all farm crew members:
Must be able to work with others to cooperatively finish tasks
Must be able to lift and carry 35 pound bins over dirt paths
Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds on occasion
Must be willing to work outside in the weather every day you are here
Must be willing to follow directions and learn from other crew members and leaders
Additional tractor driver requirements:
Must be able to take direction and then operate carefully with a very high quality of work
Must be willing to maintain equipment
Must be able to operate a tractor and equipment safely after an initial training period

Starts at $15.50 dollars per hour, negotiable based on experience.

Paid sick and vacation time, flexible schedule
401K with a match

And as many really good veggies as you’d like!

Experience required:
Experience on a farm is required. Experience driving tractors is strongly preferred.

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As above

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As above

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