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Vegetable Production Manager at Rancho Soquel - 13021

Job Title: 
Vegetable Production Manager
Rancho Soquel
1317 Soquel - San Jose Road Rancho Soquel
95073 Soquel , CA
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Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

Interested in being a part of a farm start up? Do you want to work and learn with expert consultants in regenerative ag, pasture management, vegetable production, orchard management, and dairy operations? Be a major part of bringing a complex and beautiful vision to life.

What you will do (not limited to the following):
• Manage 2.5 acres of mixed vegetable production
• Facilitate efficient crop production (planning thru harvest)
• Supervise and direct field crew of 2-5 people
• Maintain digital records needed for food safety and organic certification
• Manage soil/crop fertility
• Facilitate pick and pack operations
• Coordinate harvests and crop planning with Sales and Marketing Manager
• Assist with maintenance of farm equipment
• Train staff on farming procedures as needed
• Attend weekly staff meetings
• Report weekly to owner
• Create a clean, safe, and professional work environment

Who you are
• You identify as having a growth mindset
• You’re a highly flexible person, willing to jump from job to job
• You have a positive attitude

Your qualifications
• At least 5 years of farming experience with a minimum of 3 years in vegetable experience
• Crop specific knowledge for a variety of crops
• Knowledge around managing soil fertility and mineralization
• Familiarity with a variety of production methods, including hand-scale and tractor/BCS
• Ability to lift 50lbs
• Able to perform physically demanding work, outdoors, on a slope, in hot/inclement weather
• Willingness to use technology to communicate, operate irrigation, and record data
• Ability to self-motivate and work alone or with a team
• General handiness and excellent problem solving skills
• Commitment to giving and receiving direct, timely, and constructive feedback
• Willingness to be flexible and shift priorities
• Conversational Spanish abilities

Physical demands
Most work performed outdoors; regular exposure to dirt, dust, noise, adverse weather conditions and mechanical hazards when operating farm tools/equipment.

Compensation and Housing
This is a full-time salaried position in the $45-65k range, negotiable depending on abilities and experience. We offer health insurance, 401k, produce, paid holidays, and 1 week paid sick pay. On-farm housing is an option.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Please see job description

Education & Experience: 

At least 5 years of farming experience with a minimum of 3 years in vegetable experience.

Application Instructions: 

When applying, please email and be sure to include the following:
• A resume and short cover letter w/answers to the following questions:
-Describe your experience with the following: vegetable growing, irrigation, physical labor, farm design/start-up
-What skills are you most proud of?
-What are your career goals related to farming
• 2 references

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