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Veggie Farming and Food Access Internship at Family Nurturing Center via Rogue Farm Corps at Rogue Farm Corps - 9864

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Veggie Farming and Food Access Internship at Family Nurturing Center via Rogue Farm Corps
Rogue Farm Corps
Central Point , OR ,
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The Family Nurturing Center Farm leases agricultural space at the Historic Hanley Farm in Central Point, in Southern Oregon. The farm is close to both Jacksonville and Medford. Opportunities for hiking, fishing, rafting, and camping are nearby. Cultural activities close to the farm include both the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and the Britt Summer Music Program.

On these 20 acres of pasture and approximately 4 acres of grow space that the FNC manages, we currently grow organic produce on about 3 acres, and are expanding to 4 acres this year. We are not certified organic, but follow organic practices. We use mostly open-pollinated seeds, and source inputs as locally as possible. We have a flock of sheep and a flock of hens for eggs. Seasonally we also raise chickens and turkeys for meat. We are working towards integrating our livestock into an intensive pasture management system. We have a greenhouse containing raised beds and space for seed germination. We also have an herb/perennial garden, our Shakespeare Garden (it contains only plants that are mentioned in the works of Shakespeare). We are building a new wash/pack/outdoor kitchen space on the farm, which will also include dry and cold storage.

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The FNC Farm is managed by Isaiah, with support from other program staff, Doug and Kristin. Isaiah has many years of farming experience, beginning at a small CSA farm in Madison Wisconsin, and including managing a hospital farm in California, before he came to the Rogue Valley. His training included a lot of one-on-one mentorship, hands-on demonstrations, and discussion time. He looks forward to passing those learning experiences onto interns now.

Interning with the Family Nurturing Center Farm & Food Program is a great opportunity for people who are interested in working with an organization that uses sustainable farming practices to address issues of food security and social support/connection.

We are looking for a part-time intern who will spend about 24 hours per week on the farm during the 8-month season (March-October, approximately). The daily schedule will be planned out to coordinate with our Farm Manager, Isaiah. Physical exertion will be moderate, normal for farm work. Previous experience would be great, but not as important as interest and willingness to learn. Interns who are offered a position will need to pass a background check, as the FNC runs programs with children on the farm.

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The Rogue Farm Corps Internship Program is a full season (6-8 month) entry-level residential internship program. Along with the hands-on field training you will receive from your Host Farm the Internship Program also includes classroom learning, tours of local farms, and a farm-based independent study project.

Interns placed with the FNC Farm & Food Program at Hanley Farm will gain experience in low impact organic method vegetable production, sustainable livestock management (sheep and chickens, hopefully in a system of intensive pasture management), short and long term planning, harvest/processing/distribution/preservation of produce, principles and practice of community based farm programming focused on reducing food insecurity and increasing social connection, general farm maintenance (fencing, irrigation, simple machine repairs, farm based construction), four-season farming utilizing a greenhouse and winter crops, and some marketing/sales work. They will train alongside Isaiah, and also interact with Doug and Kristin, as well as other FNC program participants. As the season progresses interns will spend more time independently completing farm tasks, and have the opportunity to take on more responsibility in the farm production.

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The Family Nurturing Center Farm is one of many host farms in the Rogue Farm Corps Internship Program. The RFC Internship Program is a full season entry-level residential program combining hands-on training and skills-based education in sustainable agriculture. As an intern, you will live and train full-time on a host farm, receiving up to 1,500 hours of on-farm training and learning in-depth skills from your mentor. Your residential farm training experience is combined with farm tours, classes, and discussion circles throughout the region, as well as opportunities for independent study. Interns are exposed to a vast array of knowledge and expertise by engaging in the daily life of vibrant, agricultural communities. See Internship Details below or visit our website at for more info on the program.

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