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Vine Mealy Bug Intensive at Puma Springs Vineyards - 9234

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Vine Mealy Bug Intensive
Puma Springs Vineyards
1083 Vine Street #286
95448 Healdsburg , CA
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This is a unique applied learning experience- because every problem is wrapped up in opportunity, right?. We are looking for a few career minded farmers and aspiring farmers to join our small and short term effort to join us in the field one day per week. As a team, we will try a series of techniques that help us manage an issue with vine mealy bug and the argentine ant. We are a small certified organic and biodynamic farm. For the last three years, we have been building up a strong program based on biological control and whole farm improvement. If you are the kind of person that can see the whole picture, are working to apply your own ideas towards whole farm integration, have given the "IPM" model a lot of thought in how it works, and want some experience with a very hands-on project using a full slate of biological and occasional low toxicity solutions, then please get in touch. There are some interesting research applications we are taking in our approach, and our advice and practice comes from an informed, robust, and up to date frame of thought. Masanobu Fukuoka, the inspirational no-till farmer, has said that scale insects are "household pests". Over time, with improvements on his own farm, the balance was restored and scale insects were held to a manageable level. Every farmer addresses them at some point. Join us for a 10-20 week, once per week internship to increase your skills and apply it back on your own or future farm. Serious inquiries only need apply. And a disclaimer: we know this opportunity may peak the interest for those looking for full-time work. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer part or full-time work at the conclusion of this experience. However, if getting paid for a short time intensive learning in pest management is of interest to you, this is a good fit. The pay for this internship will be approximately $15- $18, with exact pay determined based on your experience and level of experience/college or trade education. There will be a background check, DMV check required prior to accepting the short term Internship. There will be 1-2 "sessions" for the Internship: March to June or June- August.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

• Pre-Season field monitoring and experimental block set up
• Field identification and recording of vine mealy bug/ ant presence
• Ant baiting to determine colony locastions
• Flagging vines with ant and mealy bug activity
• Tracking insect development and maturation on the vine and by degree-day calculations
• Deployment, maintenance, and mapping of ant bait stations
• Plant sap testing. Leaf Brix testing
• Interventions deemed necessary, including but not limited to:
o Preparation/deployment of organically approved low toxicity insecticides
o Fabrication/installation of ant bait traps
o Application of sticky barriers to vine canes
o Release of beneficial insect larvae and adults
o Hand weeding flower habitat to attract beneficial insects
o Review of data reports and studies
o Participation in field meetings related to insect pressures
o Maintenance and flock care for experimental mobile chicken coop

Education & Experience: 

We are seeking individuals with a career interest in regenerative/sustainable agriculture, and experience with farming, gardening, or some other form of production/team work that requires stamina, cooperation, communication, and most of all, a good sense of humor. If you are the kind of person that wants to succeed at what you work hard at, and can bring some examples of how you have done that in the past, then this might be the right internship for you.

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