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Wash Barn Crew at Flocktown Farm - 12877

Job Title: 
Wash Barn Crew
Flocktown Farm
552 Pittstown Road
08867 Pittstown , NJ
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Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

We are hiring Wash Barn Crew members for the 2021 season and beyond. Starting at $13/hr. Being on the Flocktown Crew is incredibly rewarding. Farming is a profession that cuts through all aspects of life; incorporating good food, community, fun, and lots of sun. We love farming and work hard to cultivate a meaningful workplace. Regular tasks that the crew performs include unpacking large shipments of goods, cleaning, organizing produce, keeping wash barn in order, washing and packing produce.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Work week is Monday-Friday, approximately 45 hours. Free produce, milk, bread, and eggs + grocery discount on other items. Crew season runs from the beginning of April through the end of December. Housing available.
All qualified candidates will be asked to participate in a "trial day." During the trial day, applicants will work alongside the farm crew and have an interview with the Harvest Manager. Trial day participants should come prepared to get dirty and expect to work up to 8 hours. All trial day participants will receive $50 (must stay for the whole day). Applicants that are subsequently hired will be paid in full for their trial day at the regular rate.

Education & Experience: 

Some culinary experience is preferred but not required. While we often work together, all applicants must have the ability to work and think independently, and possess strong problem solving skills. Crew work is inherently variable and multifaceted, requiring that farmers be flexible, creative, motivated about the task at hand, and positive in the face of changing conditions. All applicants must possess good communication skills, ability to follow direction, attention to detail, and a good work ethic. Crew work is physically demanding and dirty, requiring the ability to lift 40lbs and work quickly and efficiently in conditions that are often muddy, dusty, wet, hot, cold, sunny, and windy.

Application Instructions: 


Please apply in writing through our email. All applicants must submit a resume with a brief introductory note. Applications that do not include both a resume and introduction will not be considered.

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