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Livestock Producers Committee

The Livestock Producers Committee has been exploring the creation of collaborative services for Central Coast meat producers. The group guided a project with the support of a USDA Local Food Promotion Grant to identify whether there is regional capacity to establish a USDA inspected meat processing facility on California's Central Coast. The project was conducted in partnership with the California Center for Cooperative Development (CCCD), UC Cooperative Extension, and the Niche Meat Producers Assistance Network (NMPAN), which concluded that there is not sufficient regional production to support a typical full service slaughter facility. However, a separate analysis points to enough poultry and pork production in the region to support a "Plant in a Box" (PIB) that could be an alternative to a full production USDA inspected facility. The Plant in a Box unit could utilize a recycled shipping container and comes ready to go: all the operator needs is a site pad, water, power, and a plan for effluent. EcoFarm is preparing additional research to move forward with a plant.

Prior to this research, EcoFarm hosted the Central Coast Livestock Producer Summit as a pre-conference to the 2015 EcoFarm Conference in partnership with the California Center for Cooperative Development. 

If you are interested in getting involved with the Livestock Producers Committee, please contact