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Cultivate Diversity at the 37th annual EcoFarm Conference

EcoFarm is cultivating diversity at the 37th annual EcoFarm Conference by reaching out to scholar candidates in underrepresented communities and deepening our scholarship offerings. Join us by funding new EcoFarm scholars who are making a difference in our food system:

A scholarship helped young farmer James Nakahara attend the EcoFarm Conference. He is now the integrated crops and livestock manager at Pie Ranch in Pescadero, CA, an education center for students and aspiring farmers of diverse urban, suburban, and rural backgrounds.

James found EcoFarm valuable because of the relationships he built with others in agriculture. “I met people who I could later count on for advice, or to collaborate, or share equipment or vital large benefit of the conference is the ability to make those connections and foster them after leaving the conference. In some ways, this is the best part."

You can support more farmers like James by donating to the EcoFarm Scholarship Fund. Help us reach our goal of $20,000 by donating today and forwarding this email to your networks. Thank you!

Check out the Voices of Networking Farmers video featuring James and other attendees.