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The EcoFarm Conference turns thirty-five in 2015!

"Viva EcoFarm - 35 Years & Growing!" It's true - thirty-five and EcoFarm is still alive! Having made it this far gives us a chance to reflect on our roots and our history, as well as the promise of the next generation to shape the future of food and farming. For the old-timers – "What will our legacy be?" For the new-comers – "What opportunities call me?", and "What is needed to meet those challenges successfully?" For all of us who are the EcoFarm community – "How do we most effectively continue to organize ourselves to gather and grow and feed the world we want to live in?" After all, though of great interest and value, surely we do not gather together to simply discuss how to grow the sweetest carrots!

Please join us for the 35th annual EcoFarm Conference, January 21 - 24, 2015 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove. Because after all, we can't "viva!" without YOU.