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EcoFarm Workshop Presentations

You can now download many of the workshop presentations from EcoFarm 2018, which make great companions to the set of audio recordings!

Click on a workshop below, then scroll down to View Presentation.

A New Model for On-Farm Internships

Advances in Organic Insect, Disease and Nematode Management

Composting on Your Farm: New Rules and Regulations

Controlling Pest Animals Without Poisons on Farms

Creative Strategies for Financing Sustainable Farmland Succession

Daily Drip Irrigation for Greater Yields

Dedicating Land to Agriculture: Agricultural Conservation Easements

Discussion Group: The Middle Path

Electric Tractors and Equipment: The Age Of Adaptive Agriculture

Fins & Feathers on Floodplain Farm Fields

Great Farm Camps for Kids

Habitat and Holistic Care for Honey Bees

Improving Your Soil Quality for the Urban Food Grower

Indigenous Food Systems: Models of Food Sovereignty

Investing in Local Ag/Food Economy for Regional Resilience

Organic Integrity in a Global Marketplace

Placing Carbon Back Into Our Soils

Quack & Coo: Unusual Poultry Enterprises

Regenerative Grazing: Managing Healthy Ecosystem Processes Using Livestock

Scaling Up Soil Health to Deliver Climate Solutions

Sequencing the Soil Biome: The Future Is Here

The Real Roots Story

Tips and Tools from Experienced Seed Cleaners

Tools and Equipment For Market Gardeners and Farmers / Las herramientas y e…

Utilizing Social Media

What Makes a Healthy Soil?