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"Every year, I come away with more connections, knowledge and inspiration than the year before."

- By Sean Bettles, EcoFarm 2019 Scholarship Awardee

I work with the White Buffalo Land Trust in Summerland, California and I also manage a 4 acre Valencia orchard in Ojai, California – which means I do most of the labor myself except I hire a crew to help me harvest the fruit. At White Buffalo, I work with a team to transition 12 acres of mono-culture avocados to a diverse, climate appropriate farm. We practice, develop and promote systems of regenerative agriculture while also engaging in scientific research, education and training.

This last year was my third trip to EcoFarm. Every year, I come away with more connections, knowledge and inspiration than the year before. Be it conversations at dinner, speakers and lectures, or the awe-inspiring location, there are plenty of opportunities to come away with a hidden gem or two. The conference is diverse in it's range of ideas and concepts but also full of depth into certain subjects. I was inspired last year by hugelkultur and its potential to be used as both a fire prevention and making rich garden beds. I learned of people re-engineering grape vine trellises to allow a more holistic and continuous grazing of sheep. I come back home after the conference inspired by other people so I can inspire as well. I'm grateful for an annual convergence to reconnect with EcoFarm and its people. 

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