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International Agroecology Delegation to Participate in EcoFarm 2020

Traveling to different regions can be a powerful way to spread knowledge, and this rings true when it comes to exchanging ecological farming practices. In the early part of this decade, EcoFarm welcomed a number of international delegations to its conference – farmers from El Salvador in 2015 and farmers from Cuba in 2016. We are happy to report that the program will return this coming January with a delegation of farmers from Nicaragua and Mexico attending EcoFarm 2020!

Please help us welcome our international agroecology delegation – small coffee farmers at the frontlines of agroecology and food sovereignty efforts. Women and youth from Unión de Cooperativas Augusto Cesar Sandino (UCA San Ramón, Nicaragua), Vinculo y Desarrollo Agroecológico en Café (VIDA, A.C.) and their sister cooperative Campesinos en la Lucha Agraria (México), along with the Community Agroecology Network (CAN), will be with us at EcoFarm 2020.

The delegation will focus on social and environmental justice in farming communities while building solidarity among small farmers, farmworkers, and cooperatives. Please join the delegation for a workshop at EcoFarm on Thursday, January 23 about Women Building Local Economies with Agroecology in Mesoamerica (Mujeres Desarrollando Economías Locales Usando Agroecología en Mesoamérica).

At the conclusion of EcoFarm Conference, the delegation will make its way through Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Sonoma County to shed light on how women and youth in Nicaragua and Mexico are leading efforts in diversification of their coffee agroforests, experimentation with soil fertility and shade management, development of solidarity economies and shaping gender justice.

It takes a bit of work to organize a group like this to attend the conference and visit the region, and no little bit of funds. Please help us make this delegation a reality and donate today. We appreciate your support as we build cross-border solidarity for dignity and justice in the food system!