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Meet Brittany Cole Bush

Urban Shepherdess, Regenerative Ag Advocate, Entrepreneur, Educator & Aspiring Stunt Performer

I call myself modern day urban shepherdess, shepherding animals, people and projects. Working in both the built landscapes of urban metropolises as well as on the land with my comrade graziers, I am committed to supporting a new era of working on the land with livestock and innovative agrarian entrepreneurship. My work takes place in the fields of education and advocacy for the good food & fiber movement, supporting efforts to enhance ecological health of the land and using carefully managed grazing as an effective tool to reduce fire hazardous vegetation.

For many years friends and colleagues in the fields of regenerative agriculture and land stewardship have deemed EcoFarm as one of the most impactful and inspiring events of the year. Indeed they are right! Having been awarded a scholarship to attend this year, I was able to experience the positive impact of EcoFarm myself. The programming, beautiful setting, and the community of EcoFarm was exhilarating to experience that recharged my own enthusiasm about my personal work in the field of land stewardship and livestock. Not only inspired by the keynotes and workshops, meeting others in various fields in regenerative agriculture reminded me the I am indeed part of a movement that is actively making change in our food system through the work of building soil, tending to our watersheds and inspiring the next-generation of agrarians as land stewards and social justice change-makers."

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Grazing School of the West
Brittany Cole Bush

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