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Pre-Conference Intensives - Don't Miss Out!


EcoFarm Pre-Conference Intensives - Don't miss out!

Entrepreneurial Two-Day Intensive: Sustainable Business Skills for Sustainable Agriculture
Join the Farmers Guild along with educators and local farm experts for a two-day series of workshops to prepare new and aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to make an honest living growing our food.
Tues & Wed, 1/24/17 & 1/25/17
Bus Tour 2017 Kicks Off EcoFarm Conference: Organic Farming in the Salinas Valley
This all-day field trip will visit 3 organic farms and a composting project in the Salinas Valley.
Wed, 1/25/17
Producing Value-Added Foods Safely, Legally, and Successfully
In this one-day intensive workshop, you’ll learn how to produce value-added foods from your farm’s crops and animals.
Wed, 1/25/17
Regenerative Dry-Farming: Perspectives and Practices for Regenerative Agriculture in Dry Lands
This intensive is specifically aimed at determining the role of dry farming within a regenerative, carbon-centric ("carbon farming") approach.
Wed, 1/25/17
‘Seed to Eaters’ Symposium
Hear from wholesalers, plant breeders, and seed growers who have partnered to create new varieties. Then, enjoy an interactive showcase where you can taste andhear stories about a diverse range of unique, delicious, vegetable varieties.
Wed, 1/25/17