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Presenting the 2017 EcoFarm Conference Art

We are pleased to present the 37th annual EcoFarm Conference art, illustrating the theme of "Cultivating Diversity". Artist Alison Main was born and raised on her family's small farm, Good Humus Produce, in Northern California. She quickly developed a curiosity for all things not found on the farm. From an early age, she loved the human figure, and spent most of her time drawing people from magazines, comic books, as well as her imagination. Ali followed that curiosity to Brooklyn, New York and Pratt Institute to complete her degree in Communication Design. After school Ali worked for 5 years in the Graphic Design field in Brooklyn, and then Boston, before realizing how special and rare her small family farm is. So she headed back to the farm, where she is currently spending her time balancing Graphic Design work and Farm work. "I believe my art is influenced by this wide spectrum of life, the extreme city of Brooklyn with all of its bustle, and the wonderful environment that is the farm, all come together in each piece."

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