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EcoFarm is a constant reminder of why I do the work that I do.

I was incredibly grateful to be able to attend EcoFarm in 2018 after receiving a scholarship. Spending several days surrounded by inspired and passionate farmers invigorated my own motivation to do great work in the agriculture world.

Workshops ranging from flower farming, to marketing and sales, to broad-acre range management provided a plethora of useful information that I can take forward with me in my career, making my businesses more profitable, more adaptable, and the work more personally fulfilling.

Meeting lifelong farmers whose wisdom and mentorship can alter the course of my life and career is invaluable. It’s amazing to see how well-supported young farmers are by those who have decades of knowledge to share, and that support only fuels the fire that drives us all to farm.

Outside of the workshops, one of the most valuable parts of EcoFarm is the social interaction. I often learned the most chatting with neighbors over lunch or dinner, and this pop-up community of hundreds of people sharing a similar passion creates an environment so conducive to radical openness, sharing, and support.

While I’ll be taking with me many wonderful nuggets that I picked up about the more technical aspects of operating my farms, EcoFarm is a constant reminder of why I do the work that I do. The cultivation of community, the pursuit of shared goals, and the collaborative work put in by people of many walks of life fuels a fire that cannot be put out. I’m looking forward to many more years of enjoying this winter ritual!

- Sam Gregory

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