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Voices of EcoFarmers Video - Send 'em to the 35th annual EcoFarm Conference!

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Please act today so we can provide training and support for the ecological farmers of tomorrow!



Why does it matter if the EcoFarmers of tomorrow participate in the 35th annual EcoFarm Conference? Hear directly from the farmers themselves who attended last year in this video!


There is still time to help us meet our $35,000 goal of sending 235 deserving scholar and fellow applicants to the EcoFarm Conference this January. Only $3000 away from our goal! Can you contribute to help us raise $35,000 to send 235 deserving scholar and fellow applicants to the EcoFarm Conference happening in a couple of weeks? Every contribution makes a difference! 

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Your donation to the EcoFarm Scholarship & Fellowship Fund will provide for the networking and educational exchange that only happens at EcoFarm – activating our growing community of farmers, farmworkers, educators, activists, and students working together to build a thriving, sustainable food and farming system for everybody.

Your tax deductible donations will directly sponsor their attendance and opportunity for education, networking and collaboration. For scholars, every $1 you donate provides $4 of funding. Fellows receive a full EcoFarm Conference with meals and lodging and membership in the EcoFarm Farmers' Association. Scholars receive a day of conference attendance with lunch.

Thank you!