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You can help shape the future of farming

There is still time to send a scholar to the 37th annual EcoFarm Conference, 'Cultivating Diversity", with your year-end donation to the EcoFarm Scholarship Fund!




Farmer Mai, a 2016 EcoFarm Scholarship recipient, found the EcoFarm Conference a valuable way for farmers to come together and achieve their common goals. Mai specializes in growing heirloom grains and ethnic crops using organic, drought-tolerant, and soil-enriching methods in Lake County, California. Her transformative work includes providing disaster relief for a refugee camp in Thailand, operating one of the first farmers' market food stamp match programs in the country, and creating farmer cooperatives in California.

"I urge all farmers to attend EcoFarm. Come engage, learn from, be inspired by, and mobilize with fellow farmers pursuing the mission of socially just and environmentally conscious farming. We need your voice to help shape the future of farming." - Farmer Mai

You can help shape the future of farming by making a gift to the EcoFarm Scholarship Fund. Help us include new and diverse EcoFarmers to attend and collaborate with community leaders like Mai Nguyen while contributing their skills and vision to this once a year event!





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