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Come learn about the latest research in small-scale, intensive, minimal-disturbance, ecological farming systems! Since 2017, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers has been working with Singing Frogs Farm, Hillview Farms, and others, to carry out on-farm research of the soil health impacts of their farming systems. At the same time, the Bowles Laboratory at UC Berkeley has conducted a 3-year experiment looking at the effects of key practices of these farming systems. After several years of soil health data collection, these two groups are now ready to discuss...Read more
Many questions enter into the compost purchase decision, such as: What is the source material? What contaminants might be present? How does one read the test information on C:N ratio, salts, microbes and metals? How will regulations such as AB 1826 organic waste recycling affect compost supply quality and quantity? and How much compost should you apply and when? This webinar will answer these questions and address other topics, such as how to report compost applications to the Regional Water Board, what to ask when searching for a supplier, and lessons learned from...Read more
The small-scale grain movement in California has been growing and gaining steam for years, but the shifting market demands in the last year have certainly infused the grain community with new energy. In this conversation, we will hear from four endeavors around the state that will give the farming community a window into the current climate for California grain. Zion Taddese, founder of Sheba Farms LLC, will describe her ambitious cross-border enterprise growing and processing teff both in California and in Ethiopia. Rob Barnett, farmer, community organizer and...Read more
To celebrate the vibrance of Spring and our EcoFarm community, Frey Winery & EcoFarm invite you to join us in a virtual wine tasting. The event will feature a behind-the-scenes peak at Frey’s organic and biodynamic grape growing practices. You also will learn the secrets of how the Freys bottle their certified organic wines without the use of added sulfites and hear illuminating stories from vineyard founder Katrina Frey, and vineyard manager Derek Dahlen. All proceeds go to support EcoFarm’s programming, including its Dirt First Conversation series . The tasting...Read more
Come learn about continued innovations in reducing/eliminating tillage in field-scale organic vegetable crops from the farmers leading the movement! Three California working farms--Phil Foster Ranches, Full Belly Farm, and Park Farming Organics--will report on their two years’ of research in commercial-scale, no-till organic vegetable production under Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG)-supported field experimentation. Topics covered will include cover-crop biomass digestion under plastic and weed barrier fabric, seasonal grazing trials, novel equipment, and...Read more
"Her presentation was just brilliant weaving equity in agriculture, health, food, farmers, farm workers and the environment into one whole cloth." "Rupa Marya is an amazing presence and speaker, she is a megaphone for the values our organization lives by." With rising temperatures, in the midst of a pandemic, surrounded by wildfires and social breakdown, the ways of interacting that have brought us to this moment are proving unhealthy, unsustainable and gravely dangerous. Drawing on data from the health sciences, history, ecology and soil science, physician, writer...Read more
So much changed this year but one thing remained constant: the power of coming together at EcoFarm Conference (albeit virtually), to empower, inspire, and open our hearts and minds to what may seem impossible. While this past month's EcoFarm Conference was different than our in person gatherings, we hope that you came away with new ideas, connections, and optimism in our shared work to reimagine our future in food and farming. Thank you to all who contributed to EcoFarm's scholarship program. Because of your generosity, we raised $21,000 which equated to 140...Read more
Dear EcoFarmers, The 41st EcoFarm Conference launches on January 20, Inauguration Day for a new administration. As we approach this date, I feel a sense of guarded optimism yet trepidation about more violence. Perhaps the exhaustion we all suffer from the past four years will give way to renewal and re-imagination. Imagination has never been in short supply at EcoFarm. As the Indian writer Arundhati Roy famously said, “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Our role at EcoFarm is to provide opportunities for...Read more
The EcoFarm community lamentably notes the passing of California farmer Richard Rominger, a prominent leader in the national progressive agriculture movement. An early advocate for organic farming, Richard served at the highest levels of government as first as the Secretary of the California Dept of Food and Agriculture (1977-1982) and later served as deputy secretary of the USDA in the Clinton Administration for 8 years. During that time the National Organic Program was developed and significant first-time initiatives in public sector research were launched. Richard...Read more
Pictured: Amigo leading the annual EcoFarm Bus Tour - Photo credit Broken Banjo Photography Amigo Bob Cantisano passed away on the 26th of December at Heaven and Earth, his farm near Grass Valley, California. Amigo will be recalled as a leader and founder, a farmer and innovator in the coming days as we quantify his accomplishments, but above all he was a visionary, and to be known as such it’s useful to make sure we know what a visionary is. A visionary is known for being able to predict sublime outcomes on a grand scale, to treat that unfolding future as an...Read more